Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Fresh Start

It's time for a fresh start! I have changed my blog name to one of my favorite adoption sayings... "I didn't carry you in my belly, I carried you in my heart." I love this saying and I can't wait to tell my child that while I may not have been able to grow him/her in my belly, he/she was definitely growing in my heart.

A sense of calm has come over me about our decision. I've let it all go and given it to God. God will direct our child to us. I just know it. It's really weird for my Type A personality but I actually do have this attitude. I love it!

Although I finally have calm and peace with this aspect of my life, my job is another story. I have such a bad attitude and I need to snap out of it! Of course my work hasn't suffered b/c that Type A personality I mentioned earlier won't allow it but I do complain A LOT! I feel so overworked and under appreciated. I should be happy that I have a good job in a market as volatile as ours. The worst part is that I'm complaining to my very over worked husband who doesn't need to hear it. He's working until 6:30 most nights and then coming home and working from home for a few hours more. He's such a trooper though and rarely complains. I need to let him be my roll model. Hopefully both of our jobs will start looking up soon!



  1. I love love your new blog name!!! A great book I will buy you when time comes to read to your child is "Tell Me About the Night I Was Born". I look forward to reading about your new journey!! So sorry about your job stress!!

  2. I like the new blog name - it's so sweet!


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