Friday, July 1, 2011

Greek Wedding Tradition #1

Making the bed.
I thought it might be a little weird making the bride and groom's bed but it was a lot of fun. The single ladies made the bed while Mom Z pointed out their mistakes. After it was made to her standards we threw rice, candied almonds, coins, money and the babies on the bed.

These items represent:
rice = establishing roots
candied almonds = for them to be sweet to each other
coins = luck
money = prosperity
babies = fertility

I love traditions. It makes me a little sad that John and I didn't have a big Greek wedding. However, I still wouldn't change our wedding day. It was peaceful and stress free. But maybe we can renew our vows at 10 years and have a few of these traditions.

Today is Canada Day so Happy Birthday Canada! I think we're going to see the fireworks tonight and have a cookout.


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  1. Wow!! Very happy to know about this Greek bed setting tradition. The items spread on bed really carry a good meaning. Have to plan my niece’s wedding too at one of DC wedding venues. Will surely have something unique for the couple.


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