Monday, July 4, 2011

It's a Nice Day for a Greek Wedding

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Chris and Stella!

It was such a beautiful and touching wedding! I am thankful we were able to be there to celebrate the love and happiness!

Greek Wedding Tradition #3
Shaving the Groom - The best man shaves the groom while family throws money at him.

Greek Wedding Tradition #4
Presenting the Bride's Shoes - The mother-in-law keeps the shoes overnight and the best man presents the shoes to the bride the morning of her wedding. The bride then says that the shoes don't fit and the best man has to pad the shoes with money until they do.
Greek Wedding Tradition #5
Dancing in the street - The brides family hired a band to play the morning of the wedding and we danced in the street.
There are many other traditions from the wedding and reception. I have some great video of the Greek dancing and the ceremony but the internet is a bit slow today so I'll have to post those when we get home. I'll leave you today with a picture of John, Tristan and me from the church.


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