Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So many choices

Who knew there were so many choices while trying to adopt. We have an appt with a local agency Friday and I've requested more information from two national adoption law centers... Adopthelp and ANLC. If you have an experience with either of these places please let me know.

Attention all of my infertility readers:
I have leftover Foll:stim, Men0pur and Cr:none. Leave a comment if you would like it.
P.S. - I'm using a symbol in the names of the meds so people won't come here from a search engine.


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  1. I just found out from stress free infertility. We are also starting to look into adoption, but may go through one more cycle. We are waiting (for my VERY late) period to enroll in a trial but it's not looking like it will happen and we can't really afford another full cycle. The amount of agencies, vs. lawyers is so overwhelming!!! How to ever choose I don't know!
    I did speak with a fellow blogger the other night for a while and she used Adopthelp. While she liked ANLC she found couples that had failed matches then all felt they had a lack of support from them, vs. those at Adopthelp. She was very happy with them. Another I have heard great things about is heart of adoption in FL. It is national and a lawyer service vs agency.
    How are you determining what and who to go with?


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