Saturday, July 23, 2011

Supper Club

I had my monthly supper club dinner Thursday night and loved all of the yumminess! We had a watermelon salad, stuffed peppers and strawberry mousse for dessert! I'm still waiting for official recipes so I'll post them later.

Judging by the volume of adoption questions the girls had I suppose I should divulge a little more information. I'm not trying to be secretive but I don't want to get too excited until I know we've passed the home study.

But... here are a few details to tide you over. We've started the home study process. We mailed in our finger print cards for the background checks on Friday. Once we get those results (3-4 weeks) we'll make an appointment for a social worker to come to the house. John and I will be interviewed separately and then together. We'll be asked about EVERYTHING; how we were raised, about our families, our parenting style, how we met, how our marriage works, why we want to adopt, what we're going to tell the child about adoption, how our families and friends will deal with the adoption... and so on. Thousands of questions! We'll also have physicals and several written reviews from our friends. Once the social worker reviews all of our information she will make a recommendation to the court to either approve or deny our home study. Hopefully they approve!!!


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  1. Oh girl you and John will do great. I remember all of that like it was yesterday and it has been 8 years or so ago. The lady who did ours was really nice and easy going!! If you do not hear back from the ABI on your fingerprints in a timely manner call your district representative. We did that after waiting longer than it should have taken and had our results in 3 days. The FBI was alot quicker. Good luck and you are in my prayers!!

    P.S. - Love the new picture!!


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