Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Visit

The first home study visit went well. She looked through our house and interviewed us for a while. At the end I asked her if there was anything that she noticed so far that would cause her not to recommend us for adoption. She said...... No! Yay! She said she would tell us now if it looked like we would be unfit to raise a child. Well that's a relief! Now we have to get our physicals, five references, and John has to have some other type of background check from Canada. After we've completed all of that she'll come back out for some more interviewing and hopefully she'll recommend us. She said she has to write a 10 page summary of our lives and present it to the judge. Our lives summarized into 1o pages! Do I have 10 pages worth of stuff to write about???

Side note: She laughed about how two middle children married each other. She said that doesn't happen often.

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers!! We have officially begun our adoption journey! Exciting!!!


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