Friday, August 5, 2011

World Series

Tristan's team made it to the World Series which took place this week. The series included 89 teams from all over the country! The hubs took off work Wed and Thurs to go down to Montgomery to see her play. It was about 482 degrees outside with a heat wave blanketing the south. The hubs said he felt like an early 1900's, southern bell, school girl carrying his umbrella to block out the sun. Haha. Even with carrying an umbrella he was still soaked with sweat. I don't know how those girls played out there in the sun! Maybe that's why they didn't perform the greatest in this tournament but at least they had fun trying!

Thankfully I'm off work today for my last CWW. I sure will miss these Friday's off even though I usually end up working at least a little bit from home. Still it's better than being at work 10 hours!

We don't have much planned for the weekend. We have some projects around the house and some cleaning. Yuck! If anybody wants to offer up something fun let us know!


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