Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We're still waiting for the DHR reports to be returned. Our social worker said she is currently writing our 10 page document so that when the reports come back we'll be done. SO - we should have a completed homestudy in 2 to 4 weeks. Yay!

Also, my wonderful sister and I are working on the adoption profile that will be given to birthmothers. I've sent her tons of pictures and ideas and she's trying to compile it into a pretty format. I'm planning to go down Saturday to help finish it up and then we'll print 20 copies and send them to AdoptHelp. SO - in as little as a week from today birthmothers could be viewing our profile! Double Yay!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Check it off the list

We have almost everything we need to bring home baby! We just need the essentials in case we are called at a moments notice to come pick a baby. That probably won't happen but the planner in me needs to be prepared in case it does. Here are a few of things we picked up this weekend.

A sleeper and baby gown.

Several gender neutral blankets.

And of course I had to get this when I saw a baby book about Canada! We also got a bouncy seat, jumperoo, several gender neutral outfits and a shopping cart cover.

When I got home from work Friday there was a gift waiting on my porch. It was from my girls! Jess, Em and LL got us the rest of the essentials we'll need. Bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, a toy and a first aid kit. So sweet! I love you girls! Thanks for finishing off our list of needs! I hope you know this constitutes as your shower gift so I better not see anything else from you ladies. And last but not least, we're getting our car seat with three bases from Debbie and Beth. I can't wait see them!

Yesterday we went to the Alabama game. Roll Tide! Heather had an extra ticket for me but the hubs had to stay outside and watch the game with some friends.

Here is the fabulous Heather! The sun rays in this picture are a direct representation of how unbelievably hot it was out there. The high was supposed to be in the low 80s but it felt like 1,000! I don't know if I can remember ever being that hot! I'm sure I have but I'm making a point here.

A picture of the stadium.

After the game, Heather's feet were hurting so she asked this rickshaw man to take us to our car. There was only room for two so my wonderful husband ran along beside us all the while carrying a very feminine houndstooth cooler. It was one of the funniest things ever! He was being heckled by people on the side walk as he sprinted by them. I'm sure it looked like he was trying to catch the girls in the rickshaw.

Here he is keeping up with the bike. Sorry it's blurry but we were going pretty fast and I was laughing like a hyena!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Part of the Club

I'm going to a kids consignment sale today during lunch. Me! The Infertile! I can't believe I actually get to be a part of the Expecting A Baby Club! Finally! I'll post pictures tonight of our new treasures. Also, my Aunt Debbie and cousin Beth have an infant car seat with three bases available! Exciting! I don't need to get everything before we get The Call but I do need a few things... Car seat was one of them so we can mark that off the list. Check!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Big Weekend

There were several BIG events that occurred over the weekend.

1) We had our second home visit. It went well and she left here thinking that she had everything she needs except the CANs which will be 4-6 weeks. After we get those hopefully we'll be recommended. She didn't give us any indication that she wouldn't recommend us but until I see the letter I'm not going to count my chickens.

2) Tristan had a volleyball tournament Saturday. She is really good and her coach brags about her all of the time. She especially brags about her attitude and ambition.

3) We created our first baby registry! Mom, Jess and I all went to Buy Buy Baby and tried to figure out the necessities. I don't plan to have any showers until after we bring home the baby but there are some things that are needed before we get THE CALL.... bottles, diapers, wipes, car seat, formula, pack n play, blankets... the list seems to be endless. I may need to have one shower to get all of these items and then a fun shower after the baby is here. We are so blessed that we have several people who want to throw us parties!
Also, when we signed up for the registry we got a gift bag. I now have my first bottle, pacifier and baby oil! It made this all feel so REAL! We are actually going to have a baby to use this stuff!
The only downside about the registries is that they make you choose a due date. Obviously, I don't have a due date so we had to make it up. We chose March 12, 2012. Eeek! We could really have a baby by March!

Thanks for coming up Mom! I know it's not really your thing but you handled it like a pro Granna-to-be!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Watch Out People

If you thought the Z Family was on a budget before, you will not believe what's going on with the impending adoption. The belt is tight people! You know that saying, "She can sit on a quarter and get back two dimes and a nickle." That is us! I keep trying to tell the hubs that this child is like buying a car. Our baby is an investment. So now we loving refer to our soon-to-be baby as "Mercedes." Hopefully we'll think of another name by the time he/she is born.

I also got some bad news this morning. Our social worker called to say that we have to redo our CANs because we had the wrong agency name on them. Of course the CANs are the reports that take 6 weeks to get back. So now our home study is delayed until these come back in the second time. We still have our second home visit booked for Saturday morning. We have to give her our remaining paperwork and she'll be asking more questions. I guess I better get to cleaning the house.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend! We went over to Heather's to watch the Bama game... Roll Tide! Then I drove to the lake for a friend's bachelorette party.

The drive out there was an adventure. I had to take a lot of backwoods roads and I was by myself. At intersections there were homemade signs nailed to trees. Pretty creepy.

I kept having to stop to look at my phone for the directions. But I was trying not to completely stop because I kept having visions of a man with a white hockey mask hacking me up with an ax. Or the infamous hook-for-a-hand man that has spawned so many camp fire stories was about to start scratching at my window.

I did finally make it and the house was gorgeous. It's hard to believe that scary drive could produce this view.

We had such a good time playing games and eating tons of fabulous food. One of the games was a "dress up" game. You pass around a box while music is playing and whoever has it when the music stops has to wear the outfit inside. I was one of the lucky girls to wear an outfit.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Adoption Update

Things are moving right along on the adoption front. John had his physical yesterday and I got mine today. We were both cleared for parenting by our doctors! One more step down!

We have another home visit scheduled for next Saturday. I believe most of the references have been sent so there shouldn't be much left on the to-do list when she returns.

Guess what else is happening.... we're sending in our first payment to AdoptHelp on Monday! Yay! Their marketing team will then contact us to set up our profile for potential bmoms (birthmothers) to review. It is very likely that we could have a profile ready by the middle of October! Then, bring on the bmoms!

Once our profile is viewable it will be like I'm pregnant. We'll start working on the nursery and buying necessities. We'll be accepting any gender neutral clothing that your child has outgrown!!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Wet N Wild

Well, maybe a little less wild than just plain soaked. Despite the rain, which was ALL weekend, we had a great time. There were a few spells where the rain let up and we got to go out to the beach for a little while. On this particular trip I must have lent John my uncanny ability to injure myself on a trip. Mark it in your records that I came home unscathed while John had this...

During one of our brief outings the Hubs was throwing the football with one of the other guys. He was in the water and went to dive for the ball but didn't realize the surf had gone out and the water was only at about 6 inches. He landed with a skid that almost took off his right nip and scuffed up his hip. Poor fella.

This is during a break in the rain sequence. Even though there was a short interlude from the rain, it still smelled terrible. Apparently a storm brings in the fishy aroma of the sea. I am currently washing every article of clothing that we took to the beach whether we wore it or not.

We kept ourselves entertained inside. There were games and...

...sing alongs. John wasn't very interested in the songs but it was right up my alley.
We then drove home in a hurricane with news reports that tornadoes were everywhere in south Alabama and northwest Florida. All I wanted was a hot shower to wash away the grimey stenchyness and to see my pup. But, of course, the torrential down pours mixed with inept drivers made for a long ride home.

Adoption News:
John got his suitability letter! I repeat - John is suitable! Wahoo! So we now both have been cleared by our background checks! We just have to get in all of the references, have another home visit and get our physicals. Almost there...


Thursday, September 1, 2011


We have FIVE days off and are beach bound baby! Since I couldn't get a single one of my fabulous friends to go to the beach with us, we're going with three of John's friends. Four couples staying in a house on the beach is going to be fun! Even if two of the ladies are pregnant...


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