Friday, September 9, 2011

Adoption Update

Things are moving right along on the adoption front. John had his physical yesterday and I got mine today. We were both cleared for parenting by our doctors! One more step down!

We have another home visit scheduled for next Saturday. I believe most of the references have been sent so there shouldn't be much left on the to-do list when she returns.

Guess what else is happening.... we're sending in our first payment to AdoptHelp on Monday! Yay! Their marketing team will then contact us to set up our profile for potential bmoms (birthmothers) to review. It is very likely that we could have a profile ready by the middle of October! Then, bring on the bmoms!

Once our profile is viewable it will be like I'm pregnant. We'll start working on the nursery and buying necessities. We'll be accepting any gender neutral clothing that your child has outgrown!!



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