Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Big Weekend

There were several BIG events that occurred over the weekend.

1) We had our second home visit. It went well and she left here thinking that she had everything she needs except the CANs which will be 4-6 weeks. After we get those hopefully we'll be recommended. She didn't give us any indication that she wouldn't recommend us but until I see the letter I'm not going to count my chickens.

2) Tristan had a volleyball tournament Saturday. She is really good and her coach brags about her all of the time. She especially brags about her attitude and ambition.

3) We created our first baby registry! Mom, Jess and I all went to Buy Buy Baby and tried to figure out the necessities. I don't plan to have any showers until after we bring home the baby but there are some things that are needed before we get THE CALL.... bottles, diapers, wipes, car seat, formula, pack n play, blankets... the list seems to be endless. I may need to have one shower to get all of these items and then a fun shower after the baby is here. We are so blessed that we have several people who want to throw us parties!
Also, when we signed up for the registry we got a gift bag. I now have my first bottle, pacifier and baby oil! It made this all feel so REAL! We are actually going to have a baby to use this stuff!
The only downside about the registries is that they make you choose a due date. Obviously, I don't have a due date so we had to make it up. We chose March 12, 2012. Eeek! We could really have a baby by March!

Thanks for coming up Mom! I know it's not really your thing but you handled it like a pro Granna-to-be!



  1. Give Beth a call. She may have extra's now that the twins are getting bigger. I know Beth has two of the Graco infant car seats and 6 of the bases since I had to have 2 and David had to have 2 and Beth had to have 2. Also she has pack n play, walkers, high chairs, etc. If you don't want to buy a baby bed the one I have should be available by then. Bailey still sleeps in it for her nap otherwise she would not stay still to take a nap. I also have a traditional play pen that I use for Blake's nap. By March both should be available for you.

    signed - Debbie Channell,

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I sent up a few prayers about the second home visit this weekend! Miss you!


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