Monday, September 5, 2011

Wet N Wild

Well, maybe a little less wild than just plain soaked. Despite the rain, which was ALL weekend, we had a great time. There were a few spells where the rain let up and we got to go out to the beach for a little while. On this particular trip I must have lent John my uncanny ability to injure myself on a trip. Mark it in your records that I came home unscathed while John had this...

During one of our brief outings the Hubs was throwing the football with one of the other guys. He was in the water and went to dive for the ball but didn't realize the surf had gone out and the water was only at about 6 inches. He landed with a skid that almost took off his right nip and scuffed up his hip. Poor fella.

This is during a break in the rain sequence. Even though there was a short interlude from the rain, it still smelled terrible. Apparently a storm brings in the fishy aroma of the sea. I am currently washing every article of clothing that we took to the beach whether we wore it or not.

We kept ourselves entertained inside. There were games and...

...sing alongs. John wasn't very interested in the songs but it was right up my alley.
We then drove home in a hurricane with news reports that tornadoes were everywhere in south Alabama and northwest Florida. All I wanted was a hot shower to wash away the grimey stenchyness and to see my pup. But, of course, the torrential down pours mixed with inept drivers made for a long ride home.

Adoption News:
John got his suitability letter! I repeat - John is suitable! Wahoo! So we now both have been cleared by our background checks! We just have to get in all of the references, have another home visit and get our physicals. Almost there...


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