Thursday, September 15, 2011

Watch Out People

If you thought the Z Family was on a budget before, you will not believe what's going on with the impending adoption. The belt is tight people! You know that saying, "She can sit on a quarter and get back two dimes and a nickle." That is us! I keep trying to tell the hubs that this child is like buying a car. Our baby is an investment. So now we loving refer to our soon-to-be baby as "Mercedes." Hopefully we'll think of another name by the time he/she is born.

I also got some bad news this morning. Our social worker called to say that we have to redo our CANs because we had the wrong agency name on them. Of course the CANs are the reports that take 6 weeks to get back. So now our home study is delayed until these come back in the second time. We still have our second home visit booked for Saturday morning. We have to give her our remaining paperwork and she'll be asking more questions. I guess I better get to cleaning the house.


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  1. I remember using that the car analogy with family when they would freak about the cost of adoption. I would ask them what did you spend the last time you purchased a new car. That would put it into perspective a little.
    The value of the car depreciates but your sweet baby investment only appreciates because your love will grow by leaps and bounds.
    I am so excited for you guys.


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