Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is it Already Sunday Night???

This weekend flew by! I need another day...

Thursday night John and I went to the Greek Festival. We had such a good time and look at who we met there.

Josh, Jess, and Emma!

This is a picture of the middle school kids performing a Greek dance.

I've spent a good bit of this weekend at my sister's house working on our adoption profile. It's looking really good so far. Hopefully we'll be done with it this week so we can send it to AdoptHelp to start showing to birthmoms. While I was in Tuscaloosa we stopped by my Aunt Debbie's house to pick up the car seat and bases. Yay!

Saturday Tristan had her last volleyball tournament. They didn't win but she did GREAT! She looked like a rock star out there! She even made the All-Metro Team! Go Tristan!


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