Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not everybody all at once

Try not to overwhelm me with your halloween costume ideas!  Seriously people... I need some ideas!

This weekend we've been relaxing and have a nice time.  Jess and Emma came over for a little while today and some of John's friends came over to watch the Bama game tonight. Roll Tide!  We also went to Babies-R-Us today and registered! Yay!  This was the first time John got to register for the baby and I think it made it more real for him!  We had a good time. 

Adoption Update:  We should receive our profile Monday and also be set up on the website for Adopthelp! I can't believe it's finally happening!  We should have our homestudy completed by the end of the month, after that... we'll just be waiting for the call! So exciting!


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