Monday, November 14, 2011


Tristan's last tournament of the season was this weekend and they won! We are so proud of her! They had a game Friday night, games all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I didn't get to go to any of them because I had a baby shower Saturday night and one Sunday at my house. I'm sure John cheered enough for both of us.

On to the title of this post... I'm sick. I started feeling bad Friday, felt better Saturday but then took a turn to the dark side yesterday. I was running a fever so I was shunned upstairs in my own house for the shower! I get it... I wouldn't want to get any of the pregnant ladies sick. It was just so sad hearing all of them have a great time in my living room while I was lying in bed. I did sneak down toward the end of the party and met some of Emily's family. They were so sweet and said they read my blog and have been praying for us! It's so amazing to know there are people out there I haven't even met that pray for us. Thank you ladies... it's much appreciated.

I went to the doctor today and she gave me a shot in the hip, a Zpack and sent me on my way. Hopefully I'll be feeling much better tomorrow.


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