Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Pics

This 4 day weekend is flying by. Thursday we went to Tuscaloosa. We had a lot of fun and ate way too much. We then came home and got prepared for our 10pm date with the outlets. Banana Republic had 50% off the whole store so it was calling our names! The traffic was C-R-A-Z-Y trying to get into that place! We got some good deals and then headed to Target for a fire pit. John got his first taste of Black Friday hysteria when an old lady clipped his heels, pushed around him, and got the last fire pit! He was so mad! I told him that courtesy doesn't exist on Black Friday!

This is a picture of two of my cousins' girls. We had a very interesting chat about adoption. Kids are so funny!

The hubs is currently upstairs painting the ceiling of the nursery so hopefully I'll have some pictures soon. He's in the zone right now because he's trying to finish before 1pm. We're going to a friend's house to watch the Alabama vs. Auburn game at 2pm. Roll Tide!!!


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