Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Few of My Favorites

We got our new camera this week! It's our Christmas gift to each other. It's a Canon Rebel T2i and we are loving it so far. Now I just need to take a photography class to learn how to use it. I've taken pictures over the past few days and here are some of my favorites:

1. My tuckered out babies snoozing on the couch.

2. Lexi decided to make a run for it and we had to go into the woods to get her. She was grounded the rest of the day!

3. I babysat Emma this week. This little stinker almost had me convinced that she doesn't wear a pull up to sleep anymore. She was pretty convincing but I didn't fall for it.

4. Tristan came over for a bit this week. Aren't they sweet snuggling on the couch?

5. I made oreo truffles yesterday for the Bundy's party. We had a great time and everybody gobbled up these babies.

6. I also made these cookies from scratch yesterday. This was my first time to make "from scratch cookies" all by myself. I think they turned out pretty tasty!

Today I'm meeting the girls for brunch and then cleaning my very cluttered house! Hope you guys are having a great weekend.


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