Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh My Aching Booty

I don't know what made me think that doing 100 walking lunges after not working out for months was a good idea! I can barely walk today! When did I get so out of shape? I guess I know what my New Year's resolution needs to be. I'll start 2012 the same weight as I started 2011 but I'm a lot gooey-er. Therefore, I resolve to firm up in 2012.... at least until we get our baby! I can't make any promises after that. :)

Tristan News:
She goes to her pitcher's pitching lessons so she can practice catching. The other night a pitcher from a local college was at the facility and the girl who was going to catch for her didn't show up. Tristan volunteered to catch. The pitcher took it easy on her at first b/c she's only 13. After a few pitches she realized how good Tristan is and started giving it her all! She told Tristan that she's awesome and can't believe she's only 13! It made Tristan's week!
Also, we finally got Tristan's volleyball picture. I tried to take a picture of the picture but I couldn't get the lighting right. Anyway, here's what I got:xxoo


  1. ohhhhh I do the same thing and don't know why! However, that burn does feel good :)

  2. You make me smile! I can just see you poking around the house! Love you!


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