Sunday, December 30, 2012

Close Calls

I have had several close calls over the past few months.  During the most recent, only 5 seconds stood between me and catastrophe.   It involved a vehicle that was driving along in front of me in the left lane.  He swerved off into the median, over-corrected and then swerved across three lanes of traffic and onto the right shoulder, over-corrected again and swerved back across all three lanes.  He ended up spinning a couple of times and was facing me in the left lane.  This was a major interstate and somehow, by the Grace of God, he didn't hit a single person during all of that.  I assume he was a "he" because he just turned his car around and drove off.  A woman would have needed a moment to compose herself.

I believe God gives us these "signs" to remind us how much we have to lose. If I had been 3-5 seconds earlier, he would have slammed into me.  It's so easy to get caught up in work, cleaning, cooking and all of the other day to day activities that you don't cherish the small moments.  The past few weeks I have made an effort to really be in the moment with little man.  Although I'm starting to lose my mind with all of the clutter, I think Christian has appreciated more one on one time. I'm also mortified that our neighbor sees our house in its current state when she comes over to walk Lexi every day.  BUT -When I'm old and grey, I won't look back and wish that I had cleaned my house more.  I will wish that I had spent more time with my family and friends.

We took lil man to the ENT on Friday and the doctor said his ears still look terrible.  He is set for tubes on 1/8/13.  In the mean time, they're not giving him more antibiotics so he's just having to "tough it out."  Poor sweet boy.  And poor mom and dad.  He was up from midnight until 2:30 last night...


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

First let us remember the reason for the season... Happy Birthday Jesus!

We have been so busy over the past week.  We went to my parents on Saturday night for dinner with my Mom's side of the family.  Then we went back yesterday for my Dad's side of the family and the immediate family.  Christian has been sick with the same ear infection for weeks.  We have been on three different antibiotics in the last two weeks trying to get rid of it.  He got pretty bad the day before yesterday and yesterday.  He was vomiting and not eating much which is very unusual for him.  Poor bud.  Thankfully he started feeling better yesterday afternoon so we just showed up a little late.

Today we spent a rare, quiet day at home.  Lil man played with all of his new toys and seemed a bit overwhelmed by all of it.  We probably should have saved a few things for today.

Tomorrow Tristan is coming over to spend the day with John and Lil man.  They are both very excited!!

He looks like he's crying but he wasn't.  This is his super excited face!

Daddy and Lil Man.

My mom and brother

Mom and Dad on her new bike.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Poor Lil Man

Poor little man is still sick.  He has been on antibiotics for 6 days but he's still pulling on his ear and running a fever.  I guess I'll need to call the doctor again tomorrow.  We made an appt with an ENT to determine if he needs tubes.  Four ear infections in 2 months seems like he definitely needs them!  He has that appt on the 28th.

John had a soccer tournament this past weekend.  He played Saturday and Sunday night against teams that were in their twenties.  He's usually sore after a game so I wasn't sure if he was going to make it playing two games in two days.  Well not only did he bring it for the second game... they won!  A bunch of thirty year old men who were sore and tired from playing the night before, beat some twenty year old guys.  I'm sure that's a boost to the ego!!  Way to go hubs!

We have had a busy week and it's only getting busier!  This lady is tired!  I'm doing my best to slow down and try to enjoy Christian's first Christmas. 

Here are some outtakes from our Christmas card photo shoot.  Haha!


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Poor little man.  He had a temp tonight of 102.5.  I don't know if it's his ears again or if he has the crud that everyone in the state has.  He's also still trying to cut that sixth tooth.  It's so close!  Due to both of those issues he had a rough week with his sleep.  He's been waking up A LOT.  We know that he doesn't feel well so we've been rocking him back to sleep.  Poor fella.  Hopefully he'll feel better soon.  We're taking him back to the doctor in the morning.  They said if he had one more ear infection that we should get him tubes.  Eeek!  I know it's a very minor surgery but it's still scary!

Here are a few things about little man that I don't want to forget:
1. He loves Lexi.  He likes to share his cheerios with her.
2. He loves the theme song for Big Bang Theory.  He doesn't really care for TV but he will stop whatever he's doing when he hears that song.
3. He likes to do pull-ups on the towel bar. (He is definitely his father's son)
4. He is walking extremely well now.  He rarely ever crawls now.
5. He knows what "No" means but he will test me by inching closer and closer to whatever object I have told him not to touch.  He's so cute that it's hard not to laugh.
6. He still goes to sleep on the bottle and we're really nervous about transitioning him to a sippy cup.
7. He is learning to share.  He'll bring me his toys and stand there looking at me until I offer to give them back.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

10 Months Old

Christian is 10 months old!!  Where did my little baby go??  He's now a rambunctious, 26 lb bundle of energy! He wouldn't even take a second nap at school on his 10 month birthday because he was too busy having fun.  However, that meant he was super tired and fussy when we got home.  I had to take his monkey picture after he fell asleep.
Too tired to stay awake for his monthly monkey picture.
This weekend has been packed full of fun!  Yesterday we had our annual KPMG girls brunch.  Last year Emma was the only child there.  My how things have changed in just a year.  Here's a picture of us with our little babes. 
Lots of kiddos!
Rhonda was there but had to leave before the picture to tend to a sick baby.  And Rachel graciously took the picture.  If only Gloria could have flown in from San Francisco! (Hint.. Hint... Gloria)

Last night we dropped off little man with my parents and headed out to two parties!  We're social butterflies!  We went to a party with some of my friends for a couple of hours and then a party with some John's friends after.  We had a great time at both.  The first party even had a photo booth which was really fun. 

Christian had a great time with Granna and Pop but he didn't do as well with his sleeping this time.  Mom said he was up from 10:30-1:00am.  At least he slept until 8:45am so they got to sleep in a little.  I picked him up at around noon and then we went to Tristan's softball party at 2:00.  Lil man walks more than he crawls now so he was toddling all over the softball facility.  Most of the time he was trying to make a run for the food table! Haha! 


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Ear Infection

I took lil man to the doctor Friday and he has another ear infection. Boo!  They said if he has one more that we should consider tubes.  I guess that would be for the best. 

We noticed that he's been super slobbery lately and I think we figured out why.  He has sprouted another tooth!  He now either has three or four on top... he wouldn't let me get a good a look so I don't know for sure.

He eats pretty much everything that we eat now except nuts, honey and citrus.  For dinner tonight he has butternut squash, corn, banana, 1/4 slice of cheese, 1 cracker and a handful of cheerios.  The one place I am failing is on the meat.  I don't eat a lot of meat so I don't make it very often.  He gets so excited when he has it on his plate though!!  I should definitely work on that!

He is becoming more of a mama's boy now.  There have been a few times when I was holding him and John tried to take him that he pulled away from him.  He still pulls away from me somtimes too but now John knows how it feels.  I would say it's about even now for which one of us he wants to hold him.

Here's a video of lil man walking... and burping. haha.

Please say an extra prayer for my dad.  They had to give him a shot that pulls the marrow out of his bones to increase his blood count.  He says it makes every bone in his body hurt.  Poor guy.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Several people at work decided to run a 5k in February.  I have never been nor do I ever plan to be a runner.  I can do an hour of aerobics with the best of them but I'll hyperventilate after 5 minutes of running.  I know... I'm a specimen of athletic ability! haha.  However, I decided that if I have a goal and something to aim for, I could try the 5k and see how it goes.  Several of my coworkers decided that a 30 min 5k was a good goal.  I went along with it not knowing just how out of shape I am.  I got on the treadmill yesterday to check my time.  I "ran" a mile in 15 minutes and thought I was going to pass out doing that.  Since a 5k is 3.1 miles, I will have to run a 9 minute mile! Ha!!  That is one lofty goal!  I'll let you know how I progress.  In the past year I have gotten a slap on the wrist for my blood pressure and my cholesterol.  I could certainly use a little aerobic activity!

Little man may be able to run with me by next month!  I am amazed how quickly he is picking up walking.  He can now walk about 8-10 steps at a time.  He doesn't have to pull up on furniture now.  He can stand up in the middle of the room and walk to where he wants to go.  He's still quite wobbly and falls down A LOT but he's getting there.

His mouth is much better but he's still super stuffy and congested.  Hopefully he'll get over it soon.

Here's a video from tonight of him learning the word "No." FYI - I was telling him no because he was getting too close to the stairs.


Saturday, November 24, 2012


This Thanksgiving Holiday we are thankful to God for all of our many blessings, but we are most thankful for Christian and Tristan!  We had a great time with my family on Thursday and Christian got to try a lot of tasty food.    He is such a good baby.  The only trouble he gave the whole day was puking on my Aunt Pam's rug...  And he can't help that.  His reflux is still in high gear.  Will he ever grow out of it?

Poor little man is sick again.  He has another cold and he got thrush.  Apparently the two rounds of antibiotics back to back caused him to get it.  So he has sores and white spots in his mouth.  So sad.  He is still as sweet and rambunctious as ever though.  He is all over the place!  He can crawl up both flights of stairs now and he is so pleased with himself when he makes it.  I crawl behind him and he pushes my hand away when I try to help him.  He also took four steps yesterday!  He is so much better at standing for long periods of time now so I guess that walking isn't too far away. 

His hair is out of control!  His bangs are down in his eyes and the top of his head forms into a natural mohawk.  It's a sight in the mornings.  John tells me I can't cut it until he's baptized in the Greek church which probably won't be until next summer!!!  What are we going to do with that hair??? 

First time at a restaurant!  He was so good!

Proud of himself for making it to the top of the stairs.

His squinty eye smile.  He does this a lot.

Look at that hair! We did not style it this way.  This is how it naturally grows!

This is his "I didn't do it" face.  So cute!
I weighed him yesterday and he's up to 25 lbs.  He's too long for his 18 month footed pajamas so he's now in 24 months.  The boy has been in one long, perpetual growth spurt since he was born!  I'm glad he's rolly polly though.  I love kissing those thighs!

Last weekend Tristan hit her first out-of-the-park homerun.  John took Christian to that game so they both got to see it!  Yay Tristan!

We hope you and your family had a great holiday weekend.


Sunday, November 18, 2012


My thoughts on adoption are.... well... I don't really think about it that much.  I even forget sometimes that I didn't get to carry little man. I can't imagine loving him anymore than I already do.  When we began the adoption process I was filled with anxiety.  What if we didn't bond?  What if he never truly accepted me as a mother? What if he felt foreign in our family?  I am so, so, so, very thankful that all of the fears are gone.  He is the piece of the puzzle that our family was missing. 

We got the pictures in from his dedication.  They are precious!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Steps

Yes... our little man took his first two steps today.  I was not expecting it so I think I scared him when I jumped up and squealed.  I grabbed him and hugged that sweet boy.  I may have shed a little tear.  I felt bad for John because he was almost home.  Poor thing.  But it was a special moment for me and my little man.

We had a hard time getting the monkey picture this month.  This was the first try.

This was the second try.  He was more interested in grabbing the camera.
Several of the children in his class started walking this week and he has been studying them.  I knew it wouldn't be too long for him but I thought it would be at least another week or two.  He's pretty wobbly when he stands by himself so I expected him to master that before he started moving his feet.  He showed me!

The doctor told us to stop giving him the Zantac to see if it's helping him.  Since John was gone this weekend we waited until Monday.  He's been off of it for three days and he seems fine.  He still spits up about the same as when he was on it so I guess we'll leave him off.  Yay!  He's medicine free!



Friday, November 9, 2012

9 Months

Oh my goodness!  I can't believe our little man is 9 months old!  I have his monkey picture but it's in the other camera so I'll have to get it later. He turned 9 months on Tuesday and he had his check up today.  He is doing great! Here are the stats:

Weight: 24 lbs (93rd percentile)
Height: 30 1/2 inches (97th percentile)

She said he is a BIG boy (like we didn't know that) but he is very healthy.  He's not overweight because he's so tall.  He's very sturdy.

Both of his top teeth have broken through now and he has slept through the night for the last 4 nights! Yay!  I thought I heard him crying last night at 3:30 so I got up and stumbled to his room.  He was snoozing away.  I guess I'm still not used to this. :)

He is getting more and more independent as the days pass.  One of his favorite games now is "I'm going to get you".  I get on my hands and knees behind him and chase him around the room saying those words.  He laughs and falls a lot and then laughs some more.  Once I do get him we roll all over the floor together.  He's so sweet.  Here's a video of him laughing.  I hate that it's so dark but at least you can hear him.

He is such a daddy's boy.  I'm not going to lie - It makes me sad sometimes that when he bumps his head or gets a boo boo he wants John instead of me.  I am so happy that they have bonded but I hope he becomes more of a mama's boy in the next few months!

John is finally getting a better work schedule and is usually home before his bedtime.  They actually take a bath together every other night.  Christian is so active that he won't just sit in the tub.  He wants to walk all the way around it, chew on the faucet, knock over anything and everything he can touch and then he'll slip and fall.  It's just easier to sit in there with him.


Monday, November 5, 2012


John and I went to Chattanooga this weekend to watch Tristan's tournament.  We had planned to take little man but the forecast called for rain on Sunday.  My very thoughtful parents offered to keep him from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.  That was the longest I have been away from sweet boy and I sure did miss him!  I think my mom got tired of me texting her and she finally told me to enjoy myself and let her handle it!  It's tough to turn off the mom gene!  We had a wonderful time though.  It was so nice to sleep all night without the fear of being awakened by crying baby.  We watched the nerve wracking Alabama game (Roll Tide!!) and then slept until 8am.  Ahhhh Heaven!  Chattanooga is beautiful this time year.  The leaves were changing in the mountains and it was quite romantic... with my husband sitting in the passenger seat playing video games! Haha!

Tristan did so well at the tourney!  There were a lot of college scouts there which was really exciting for her!  Her favorite school, Tennessee, was there and even contacted her coach today!  We don't know what he said about her yet but I'll let you know soon.  She's only a freshman so a lot can change over the next four years, but it's great to know that she has schools that are interested in her.  Out of about 100 teams her team made it to the finals, however, they lost that game.  But we are still very proud of her and her team!

I had to take Christian to the doctor Friday because he is still congested and snotty.  His right ear is still infected so he got another round of antibiotics.  Poor buddy.  Also, one of his top teeth finally broke through!  So the fact that my parents offered to watch him with all of that going on was pretty awesome!

Here's a picture my mom sent me while we were gone.  It doesn't seem like he's too upset to spend a weekend with his grandparents!  A big Thanks to them for taking such good care of our little man!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Long Week

It's been a long week! Christian has been sick, John had to work late most nights, I caught a stomach bug and almost died (maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but it was terrible!), I had Supper Club Thursday night and John and I had a Halloween party Saturday night. Today we even took lil big man to a Halloween carnival at church. I am beat!

Christian seems to be getting better. He is still coughing and is congested but not as bad. He's been waking up coughing at night but last night he didn't. My parents graciously kept him so John and I could go to our Halloween party. 

Our costume! Haha!
I'm so glad he picked last night to sleep through the night! :) Speaking of my parents... my dad got some good news. They biopsied a mass on his thyroid and it isn't cancerous. Yay! Finally some good news! Tristan had a great weekend too. She had a tournament/camp out of town and did great! She got 10 out of 11 hits at bat! She was on fire! She also made all As and Bs in school. We couldn't be prouder of her. She's such a well rounded young lady! John finished a big deadline on Thursday so he took the day off Friday. It was also my day off so we went to lunch. Here's the view...

The leaves are just starting to change.  So pretty.

And here is my sweet boy in his doggie costume!

He's not super happy about his costume. But he's so CUTE!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Lucky Streak

Our lucky streak of no ear infections has come to an end.  I took lil big man to the doctor today.  Poor fella.  He started running a fever yesterday and I knew he didn't feel well when he crawled up on John's chest and fell asleep.  He also has goopy, crusty eyes.  It was so pitiful this morning when he was trying to open them.  Breaks my heart!


I had another first mom moment in the waiting room.  John has been at every one of his doctor's appointments.  He planned to go today so he had the diaper bag in his car, however, he couldn't make it.  I had to borrow a bib and diaper from daycare just in case we needed them.  So I was sitting in the waiting room trying to contain Christian to a small area to keep him away from all of the germs.  I picked him up and put him in my lap and had just gotten out the bib when he started projectile vomiting.  Keep in mind that with the changing weather this is one of the busiest times of the year for pediatrics.  The waiting room was chugging full.  All of these people turned and stared at me with a horrified expression.  I was holding a baby who was projectile vomiting into my hand that I was trying to catch with the bib.  The bib didn't stand a chance.  It was all over me, all over Christian, all over the floor, in my shoes... it was terrible.  And all of those people just stared.  Christian finally stopped and immediately started crying.  I was frozen.  I had nothing to wipe it off and we were dripping.  Finally this sweet lady got me some tissues.  I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth or anything but a few tissues wasn't going to put a dent in this.  Luckily they called our name at that point so I dropped the bib to the floor, used my few tissues, and calmly walked to the front desk to let them know "There was a vomit issue in the floor."  My personality profile is so true.  It says that I look calm, cool and collected even in the most trying circumstances.  While I remained poised and calm on the outside I was mortified on the inside.  I could feel the tears welling up.  Tears for my poor baby who is sick, tears for my embarrassment, tears for the fact that I had vomit in my shoes, tears for being alone... tears.  But I didn't let them surface.  I choked them back, put on my big girl pants, and stayed strong for my little man.  I also called my wonderful husband and told him that I knew he was busy but I needed him to bring me the diaper bag. 

The diagnosis:  Double ear infection.  So our lucky streak is over at 8 1/2 months.  I am thankful that he lasted this long.  I really didn't think that's what it was.  He gave no indication that his ears were hurting.  I assumed it was a sinus infection.  Poor buddy.  He got an antibiotic and will hopefully be good as new in a few days.  Now I'm going to bed and try to forget about my traumatic afternoon.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My Dad started chemo today.  He looks pretty comfortable don't you think?

Please say a prayer that the chemo will not be too hard on him and it will knock out all of the cancer.


Monday, October 15, 2012

The Snot is Back

How can I eloquently say this.... The snot is back! It arrived with a vengance this morning.  He can't breathe when he's taking his bottle and his poor nose is already raw. He had finally started sleeping through the night again but last night he woke up.  Poor little man!  I hope this illness doesn't last a month like the last one.

Aside from the illness, Christian is doing great.  He's into everything and wants to do/touch/investigate/ everything that he's not supposed to be doing/touching/investigating.

Making his getaway!
Not so sure about green beans.

Have you ever seen such a little monkey?
He's up to 23 lbs.  I asked his teacher at school if he seems to eat more than the other kids and she immediately answered yes.  Well that didn't alleviate any of my worries.  I appreciate all of the advice I got after my post where I opened up about my anxiety of over feeding him.  One important fact that I forgot to mention is that he doesn't stop eating.  He has never turned his head away from food.  He will literally eat until he throws up.  His daycare found this out the hard way.  Now they only give him what I send plus some cheerios.  The pediatrician is no help b/c she said that he'll stop when he's full... well he doesn't.  Maybe he's missing that sensation that tells him he has had enough. I just hope that I'm giving him what he needs without setting him up for issues in the future.  Does a mother's worry ever stop???  I already know the answer...

 We're upgrading him to a convertible car seat this week.  I just realized that ours maxes out at 22 lbs.  Uh oh!  I still can't believe how big he's getting!  I can't believe he's almost a toddler.  I'm excited for this new stage but so sad that he's not a baby anymore.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Better Video

Here's a better video of Lil big man walking... and then dancing.  He is just too cute!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

1st Unassisted Steps

Christian took his first unassisted steps today... or I guess technically I should say "unassisted-by-humans steps."  I am so NOT ready for this!  When did my little baby grow up?

He turned 8 months old today.  I got a "What to expect at 8 months" email and started laughing.  It said something like, "Your little one should be able to sit unassisted by now.  He may even be leaning forward and getting on all fours.  Some babies may even start rocking back and forth." Haha!  We blew past all of that at 6 months!  Here is what he is up to these days:

He is holding pretty steady with his weight at 22.5 lbs.  He eats A LOT but he moves A LOT.  He is always on the go!  He is extremely observant and can spy a cell phone all the way across the room.  Once he has his mind set on something it is extremely hard to distract him.  He keeps his eye on the prize.  He babbles a lot but still mainly says Mama and Dada.  He usually says Mama when he's with John and Dada when he's with me.  I think he's asking for the other parent so we can all be together.  He's very independent in the fact that he wants to do things for himself but still pretty clingy and wants to be held.  He likes to feed himself and has had pizza, spaghetti, corn bread, coleslaw, chicken, rice, toast with cream cheese, cake and several different cereals.  He has graduated from puffs to Multigrain Cheerios.

I almost don't want to say this b/c I don't want to jinx it but he has been healthy for two weeks!  He is sleeping much better and has slept through the night for the past three nights!  He's working his way to two naps per day but had three today.  He really does better sleeping at night if he only has two naps.  But today he fell asleep in the car on the way home from T-town so he got a 3rd nap.  We'll see if he wakes up at 3am.
8 Month Monkey Picture
To see how much he has grown... this was his 2 month picture with the monkey.
Eating Pizza

His 1st Bath in the Big Tub (I chose a blurry picture for a reason... so he won't be embarrassed one day)

Getting some love (and a bottle) from Granna

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Greek Festival

We took Christian to the Greek Festival this weekend.  He seemed to really enjoy himself and the food!  He had his first bite of Greek chicken, rice and a roll.  He wasn't sure about it at first but then he got really excited about it.  He really enjoyed being inside and watching the kids dance.

Trying some chicken

This a terrible photo of me but you can see the kids dancing in the background.
John and I got some of the doughnut holes but since they were drizzled with honey, little man couldn't try those.  I know he would have loved them though!

Friends with babies similar in age... I am constantly worried about Christian's eating.  Constantly!  I'm scared that he's eating too much.  Is that possible?  On a typical day he eats a whole baby food container (4 oz) of oatmeal mixed with fruit for breakfast, he eats a whole container of a vegetable at lunch and usually 10-15 puffs after, he eats a 1/2 jar of fruit for snack with about 10-15 puffs and then he has another jar of food for dinner plus some yogurt or fruit for dessert AND 10-15 more puffs.  A lot of this is homemade pureed food that is a good bit thicker than store bought food.  He also has about 26-30 oz of formula.  Is that too much???


Saturday, September 29, 2012

No Fear

Little man has no fear lately.  He started pulling up on stuff and letting go with one hand.  Now he lets go with both hands.  I watched him do it in his room.  He stood there for a good 10 seconds not holding on to anything and holding his dog with both hands.  But then he lost his balance and fell.  Well... he has been doing this at school too and he fell several times yesterday.  Look at this poor face:

He scratched his nose and cheek and bumped his chin.  They said his bottom teeth bled a little bit when he bumped his chin.  Poor fella. But they said he was a tough little guy and only cried for a second. Hopefully he'll realize that he is only 7 months old soon!

The Greek Festival is going on this weekend! We're planning to take him today or tomorrow so he can see a bit of his other religion.  We wish his Nouno Dan and Nouna Kristine were here to experience some of the Greek traditions with him.  We look forward to them teaching him the ways of the Greek church.  I'll be sure to post some pictures of the dancing.  Christian loves to dance now when I sing to him so maybe he'll dance to the Greek music.  We may even let him try a little bit of the food.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What a Predicament

This little monkey keeps getting stuck in precarious situations.


Sunday, September 23, 2012


Guess what???  Christian is actually well!  Yay!  He has been clean for three days now.  Hopefully he'll keep it up for a while.  It was perfect timing for his dedication.  He has now formally been dedicated to our Lord and Savior.  I thank the Lord every day that He brought Christian to us!  And I thank Christian's birthmother for choosing to give him life and letting us raise him.

I don't have a lot of family pictures because there was a photographer onsite who took them.  Christian's godfather managed to snap a few during the ceremony though.  Little man did so well!  I thought he would cry being in front of that many people but he was great!  He's such a sweet boy...

A very thoughtful friend made this gown for him.  It's so special and something he can pass on to his children.

They had photos on the screens behind us.

Mari Beth asking the church if they will help raise him as a Godly child.

Praying... Christian hasn't figured that one out yet.

We had a little party afterward to celebrate.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture until after most people had eaten.

Yummy cake!
Thanks to Tristan, my mom, my dad, Josh, Jessica, Emma, baby James, Stacey and Kevin for being there to celebrate!

Christian is growing exponentially these days.  Every day he does something new.  He is only 7 1/2 months old and already into everything.  You can't leave him alone for one second or he'll be trying to eat Lexi's food, crawling out the doggie door, trying to climb up on the dishwasher, eating a shoe, playing in his own spit up (this is one of his favorites) or trying to find some sort of electrical gadget.  He pulls up on everything and has even started letting go with one had and can balance.  He has now said Mama and Dada.  He is so funny when he tries to talk.  He can't figure out what to do with his tongue so it's usually hanging out of the side of his mouth.  He still spits up A LOT and likes to "fingerpaint" in it.  I have to quickly shoo him and Lexi away while I try to clean it. He has been teething for weeks now and we really wish that other tooth would pop.  He still only has the two on the bottom. He was pretty needy last week and didn't want to be away from me.  He threw his fair share of fits... But he has been in such a great mood this weekend and has made me laugh more than I have in a while.  He has been singing, squealing and chasing Lexi around the house.  I love him so much it hurts!


Monday, September 17, 2012


Why yes... Christian is still sick.  I think I'll just stop updating about him being sick and I'll let you know when he's actually well.  He hasn't had a fever in a week so that is good.  But he's still snotty and wakes up coughing at night.

I caught a little something myself.  My throat was hurting so I took a flashlight and gave it a glance.  Ewww.  I have a science experiment growing back there! I had a temp of 102 last night and 101 this morning so I headed to the doctor.  I have strep.  I'm really hoping that's what Christian had when they couldn't figure out why he had the fever.  Hopefully if he's already had it he can't get again from me.  I'm trying not to kiss him or touch him too much.  Boy is that hard!  John picked him up from daycare today since my blood pressure was high and my heart was racing at the doctor.  She told me if I overexerted myself that I could pass out.  Well that's not good!  I got a shot in the hip, an antibiotic and some cough syrup.  Hopefully I'll be good as new.

Christian doesn't seem too sick though.  He's all over the place!  Crawling and pulling up on anything and everything!  He also said his first word...... Mama!  Yay me!  John has been trying so hard to get him to say Dada now.  We'll see if that is his second word.  I sure hope so.
Shy smile


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Poor Buddy

Poor little man is still sick!  The nurse says there's really nothing we can do except wait it out.  He's on an antibiotic so if it's an infection it should be knocked out soon.  He has been on it since Wednesday though with seemingly no improvement.  It's pretty scary for a first time mom to feel her baby's head that is blazing hot. He's been keeping a temp of around 101 - 102 since Thursday so we've been alternating ibuprofen and Tylenol every 3-4 hours.  He seems like he feels ok though.  He's a bit more clingy and fussy but not too bad.   He has been waking up at night... a lot.  That makes for some tired parents and a tired baby.  Last night he woke up at midnight, 2, 3, 4 and then was up for good at 5:30.  Yawn!

The little stinker has figured out the doggie door.

Still happy even with a fever.

We were a couple of days late with his 7 month monkey pictures.  The first two were taken by John.  As you can see... little man was having none of it.
I don't want this monkey!!
This is just pitiful!
 Just a few short hours later I gave it a try.  It's amazing what a nap and a bottle can do for his mood.
Happy Baby!

This one is gross but I caught him right in the act.  This is the reflux that we still deal with CONSTANTLY!  Will it ever stop??

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