Saturday, January 7, 2012

Name Day & A Petting Zoo

Happy Name Day to my wonderful husband! We have had a fun and relaxing day filled with friends, toddlers and farm animals! What more could a guy ask for on his day?

Emma had her birthday party at the petting zoo today. Jessica's best friend from college came in town, with her mom and son, and needed a place to stay last night... so they all stayed with us. Her son is just over two and he is ALL boy! I'm so used to Emma being quiet and reserved. Wow, are boys different! We had a lot of fun with him. Here's a picture of the little man.She also has a blog so I feel like I've known her for years even though we've only met a few times.Since Emma's party was at the petting zoo, she had a barnyard themed cake too. Isn't it cute!
The kids also enjoyed the party favors...

... And the pinata.
The kids (and the Hubs) enjoyed the baby goats. Emma was a little scared so I got to hold her for a bit.

Here we are looking at the bunny rabbit.I can't believe our little princess is already three!


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  1. So glad you and John could come celebrate with us!! Happy Name Day! :)


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