Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Case Worker

We received an email from our case worker at AH saying that she will be out of the office for two months and we are being reassigned to another case worker. She ever-so-thoughtfully tiptoed around what would be keeping her out of work for two months. I'm sure it's hard being pregnant and talking to women who so desperately want a baby all day. Or encouraging birthmothers to place their babies. Any way.... our new case worker is very nice. She reviewed our birth mother letter and said she thought it looked great. We've been shown to a total of 18 birthmoms so far but quite a few of them still haven't made a decision or have decided to keep the baby. Hopefully our match will happen soon.

I realized today that I never posted our birthmother letter that my sister worked so hard to complete. Here are the front and back covers...

I'll leave the middle pages for another post.


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