Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Day Christian Was Born

We barely slept Sunday night with so many emotions running through our minds. I got up at 5:15am to take a shower and make myself as presentable as possible to meet the woman who would grant my biggest wish. We packed up all of our belongings and left the hotel room at 6:00am. We were staying only 3 miles from Hospital so I thought that would give us plenty of time to get there by the 6:30 C-section appt. Of course it took much longer because we couldn't figure out where to go. I frantically RAN into the labor and delivery area at 6:25! The nurses pointed me to A's room. I took a deep breath and knocked. When I entered there were several nurses in there prepping her. She introduced me as "The Mom." That's when I lost it. I started sobbing and asked her if I could hug her. She grinned and let me. I thanked her with everything that I have. She is such a lovely young lady with a warm heart and great personality. A few minutes later the doctor came in to give her the epidural and I asked if I should leave. A told me that she wanted me to stay and experience it all. I feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful woman give birth to our son!

The nurses pulled me outside and said that they were going to give us our own room so we can bond with the baby. A had decided it would be too hard for her to see him. What a wonderful surprise! That's when we decided we would have to stay at least until they dismiss him from the hospital even if we didn't hear about the clearances. A little while later they came to get us and take us to the surgical room. They decked me out in scrubs, a hat and face mask. I took a quick picture of my last moments before I became a mommy.
They led me to a place standing beside A's head. I grabbed her hand and held my breath. She was still laughing and making jokes. After a few minutes the nurse turned to me and said, "Get the camera ready Mom!" I did everything I could not to lose it again. I stood and watched them pull my son from his home for the last 9 months. He cried and cried which they said was good. I let go of A's hand and followed him over to the area where they cleaned him up. He was perfect! They started to wheel him back to our room to finish cleaning him and get all of his measurements and stats. I walked back over to A and squeezed her hand. I thanked her one more time and told her I would come check on her later that day.

Here's a picture of us in the room with him right after his birth.

Poor little man! He was so upset! But John and I were overcome with love and joy! He's such a miracle!

There were a lot of firsts that happened throughout the day. I changed his first diaper and John did the second. I gave him his first bottle and John gave him the second. Haha! I was hogging him! He was a good little eater from the get go. He's still a little piggy.

The pediatrician came by at around 12pm and said that he was in excellent condition! He had very little jaundice and no deformities or obvious impairments. Praise the Lord! Right after he left Christian got his first bath... that made him REALLY mad. He still doesn't like a bath but I hope that changes as he gets older.

At around 2pm AdoptHelp called to say that they had received two more clearances! 3 out of 6! Yay! We were halfway there! I went to see A to let her know the news. When I walked in she said, "You got two more clearances!" She was so excited too! I had such mixed emotions for A. I was so dramatically happy for us yet so desperately sad for her. The best day of my life was probably the worst day of hers. I cried a lot that day. I cried for our happiness and I cried for her pain. I still get teary about her. I asked her if she wanted to meet John and she said yes. When I brought him back in there we told her the name we had chosen and why we chose it. She seemed touched but I could also see the tears starting to fill her eyes. I decided that was our cue to leave so she could mourn.

The nurses were absolutely fabulous! They never treated us like anything other than Christian's parents. That hospital stay was truly a blessing.

Later in the day we talked to our Louisiana attorney and our Birmingham attorney. There wasn't a whole lot they could do until we received all of the clearances. They were trying to get their plan though because things were going to move quickly once those last three were granted.
I felt like we had a small army working on our adoption which was pretty overwhelming... and also expensive. Adoption is not for the faint hearted, that is for sure!

At about midnight we decided to let Christian go to the baby lounge to get some sleep. We knew we wouldn't have any help once we got to the hotel so we had better take advantage of it. John was so upset to send him. He said, "But we just got him!" He's such a good dad!

So that takes you through the events of his birth day. It was an extremely emotional day with more tears than I've cried in a long time. I was so in love with Christian but they were still telling us to keep our distance. Yeah Right! That little boy had my entire heart and I was going to be crushed if the adoption fell through. Well, as you know, it did not. God had a plan and Christian was meant to be our son.



  1. Confession: I have been blog-stalking waiting for this post. I love this story and I love Christian!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! He is adorable!! We can't wait to meet the little man!!!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to sweet Christian and his Mom and Dad!!!!

  4. Seriously...I am tearing up reading your story and going through the emotions! I am so truly happy for you!!!!

  5. Sounds like the perfect day. Could not be more thrilled. Look forward to meeting him soon!

  6. I have been following your story for months now. It eased me through my own IVF to know there were others out there like me- we're having our babygirl in April. I cried as I read your blog today. Congratulations. You've earned it.

  7. I am also a secret blog stalker of yours! :) Anyways, I too struggled through infertility for years and during that time came across your blog and a few others that I have continued to follow even after the birth of my son last July. I bawled my eyes out reading this post this morning. I am beyond happy for your family and know you are enjoying every second with that sweet baby boy of yours!! Congratulations and I wish you all the best!

  8. I think this is the sweetest thing I've ever read in my life. I cried through the whole thing! I could not be happier for all of you.


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