Monday, February 13, 2012

From the Beginning

It all began on Tuesday, January 31st at 6:00 pm. I had just sat down to eat some dinner and John was working late and not due to be home for a while. My phone rang and when I looked at the number it said, "Blocked." That's what it always says when AdoptHelp calls. I took a deep breath and answered. It was Kathryn calling to say that a lady had chosen us! She explained that the BM (henceforth known as "A") chose us and doesn't want to confirm with a phone call. She was 100% sure that we should be the parents. She then said that she's having a boy and it will be by cesarean on Monday! Monday... less than a week! But then she started filling me in on a few circumstances that made this adoption high risk. Of course... Another high risk adoption! She told us that the baby will be around 1/8 Native American and that the maternal grandmother is registered with a Native American tribe. This means we had to get clearances from the tribe to be able to adopt him. We also had zero information about the birth father. We had no family history, records or even his eye or hair color. Nothing! She made it seem like there was only a small chance that we would get approval from the tribe and so we needed to decide if we wanted to pursue this opportunity. She also advised us not to go to Louisiana for the birth so we wouldn't get attached. Just as I got off off the phone with Kathryn, the garage door opened. I only let him get one foot on the bottom stair when I opened the door and blurted out all of the details. I didn't even let him get in the house! Haha.

This call was different from the first call. I didn't cry or freak out. I calmly told him the details and tried to keep a level head. He was pretty concerned about not knowing anything about the birth father and I was pretty concerned about the clearances. We talked about it that night and then thought about it the next day. Finally, on Wednesday night, I told Kathryn that we were interested and we wanted to talk to the attorney. She still seemed pretty grim about the outcome. We made an appt to talk with Mark on Friday at 3:00pm. We decided going into the call that if he said it was greater than a 50% chance that the adoption will go through that we would go to Louisiana for the birth.

Mark was a lot more positive than Kathryn. In fact, he had already gotten one of the six clearances! He gave us a 70% success estimate so we told him that we wanted to be there for his birth. We got off the phone and immediately started packing two weeks worth of clothes and supplies so we could leave on Sunday. We weren't sure if we would be staying just the one day for the birth or if we would be in Louisiana for the long haul.

Saturday we got a call from Kathryn. She said that A was very excited that we were coming and she wanted me to be in the room for the delivery! So exciting! I was walking around on cloud 9 but still trying to distance my heart. It was very tiring and emotional.

We packed up our car and headed out at about 1:30 on Sunday. We barely talked on the way down. We were both so shocked and overwhelmed!

That leads you up to the day of his birth. I'll save that day for another post.



  1. Oh man...I am getting goose bumps reading and then it is "to be continued..."

  2. Your killin me...... UGH. Very happy and excited for you guys!!!

  3. Can't wait for the remaining parts of the story!! And to see you guys soon!


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