Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6 Weeks

I'm a little late but better late than never...

Little man turned 6 weeks old Monday. I'm going to have to stop calling him little man soon since he's already 13 pounds!

We are having a really tough time with his tummy. The doctor put him on Zantac for reflux. After we started that he started having lots of loose poopy diapers. The doctor said that it wasn't due to the Zantac but an intolerance to dairy. So he then switched him to soy. Soy made little man have terrible gas pain. He would draw up his legs and scream as hard as he could. It was so pitiful. I couldn't take it anymore and switched him back to Gentlease over the weekend without consulting the pediatrician (they're closed on the weekend so I couldn't.) But now he's back to having loose poops! I called the pediatrician and they said he needs to stay with this formula at least a week b/c we don't need to keep changing. However, we're going to try a lactose free formula once the week is up. I didn't know this parenting thing was going to be so tough! I feel like I'm failing him at every turn because I don't know what to do to help him. Hopefully we'll get it figured out soon so he'll stop being in pain.

He goes 3 1/2 - 4 hours at night between feedings but he's still eating every 2-3 hours during the day. I think it's to soothe him because he's in pain. He rarely takes a full 4 ounce bottle during the day. I've tried several different pacifiers but he doesn't want them. He wants that bottle!

I'm feeling pretty defeated right now so, thankfully, my mom came up to stay with us tonight. I need some reinforcements to let me know if I'm doing everything I can for him.



  1. You are doing a great job. Being a mother is very stressful! We are always worried about our babies. John was very gasy with regular enfamil so we switched to gentlease ...that made his excema break out bad. So we then switched to enfamil soy prosobee. It is soy for gasy babies and we love it! Also..we use to use avent bottles but then switched to Dr. Brown bottles and it really helped his gasy tummy. I felt he swallowed alot of air with avent.
    Just know that you are doing a great job. John is my second child and I still second guess everything I do.

  2. We had the same problem with one of our girls. Soy milk actually makes it worse because the soy particle is larger than a milk particle and more difficult to digest. Give Nutramigen a try. We had a lot of luck on that. My daughter was not lactose intolerant but milk intolerant which is different. She was like a new baby once we started that. It smells like a monkeys butt though. You've been warned!

  3. We did alimentum. We have been there with the meds, formula, cereals, and rashes. As a friend told me about 4 weeks, the day he can eat a chicken nugget is the best day ever. =) you are doing great and if you ever want to commiserate, you know how to find me.

  4. You are a great mom! Maybe knowing that every mother out there feels the same way you do will make you feel better. I STILL feel that way and Emma is three! We worry ourselves sick to make sure we're doing everything possible for our little ones and in the end, that is what makes us great moms.


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