Monday, March 26, 2012

7 Weeks

Little man is steadily growing into a Man Child! He now weighs almost 14 lbs! Jeeze Louise! I called the pediatrician this morning because he still has the poop issues. They said we can go ahead and try Nutramigen. Hopefully this formula works well for the poor guy.

Friday afternoon and Saturday he was SO good. He ate when he was supposed to, had happy play time and drifted off to sleep by himself for nap time. He was like a completely different baby! It was a glimpse of heaven. But that's all it was... a glimpse. Sunday and today he is back to fussing and wanting to be held constantly. One bit of a good news is that he went FIVE hours between feedings last night for the first time. John got up to feed him at 1:30am and I was going to take the 4:30-5:00 feeding. Well... he didn't wake up until 6:30! Yay!

I am slowly trying to get him on a schedule of wake, eat, play, nap. However, his reflux can make this challenging. We have to prop him on a pillow for playtime or he'll spit up everywhere. We're figuring it out together. Here's one of his play times where he was smiling and laughing. Too cute.



  1. He is soooo cute. I hope this new plan works - I want little (big) man to feel better!

  2. So cute!! Glad he's starting to sleep longer. It's amazing what a little extra sleep will do for you.


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