Saturday, March 17, 2012

Did you wear your green today?

Little man did! Isn't he cute?I snapped a picture of him taking his first big boy bath. He likes it way better than bathing in the sink.
And I got a picture of one of his first real smiles. This isn't the first one but it's within a few days of the first one. He smiles a lot now. I rub his belly and sing to him and he smiles and coos. It melts my heart.
At every baby shower the girls have gotten an "all hands on deck" photo. We usually all stand around the mom-to-be and have our hands on her belly. Since I couldn't carry Christian in my belly we made an "all hands on deck" photo with all of their hands on him. It turned out a little blurry but I wanted to post it anyway. I'm so glad it was finally my turn to take this picture!


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