Monday, March 12, 2012


We had THREE showers this week! My work threw us a shower on Monday, John's work threw us a shower on Thursday and my friends threw us a shower yesterday! Christian's stuff is in the living room, kitchen, laundry room, dining room and (of course) his bedroom. I can't figure out why a 12 lb person needs this much stuff!

It's so weird to finally have all of our own baby items now. I borrowed bottles, sterilizer and formula containers from Jessica and now I have all of my own... or should I say that Christian has all of his own. haha.

Here are some pictures:The hostesses! One was home sick with a migraine but here I am with the rest of my girls!

Can you find Christian among all of the stuff in this picture? It took me 7 trips to get all of this out of the car! I was pretty overwhelmed by the generosity of all of our friends. I'm not sure if it's because I've been so open about our journey or if I just have fabulous friends... maybe both. Almost everyone who was invited came and gave Christian very thoughtful gifts. My friends are such a blessing!

Christian's 5 Week Stats:
He is eating 4.25 - 4.5 oz every 2.5-3 hrs during the day. He'll go one 4 hour stretch at night. He's a big boy and weighs more than 12 lbs! Yikes!
The poor little guy has reflux. He's been on Zantac since last Monday but I can't tell that it helps that much. It does, however, make him poop about 8-10 times/day which has given him a diaper rash. We had to get some prescription ointment but it seems to be getting better. Here's a sneak peak of his newborn pictures taken on Saturday. So sweet! (This was right before he threw up and peed all over the nice white blanket. Haha! Doesn't he look peaceful though???)xxoo


  1. Congrats again!! I just popped over to offer some unsolicited advice. Is there a way you can ask your ped for some prevacid? I had one with reflux (he was a lot older by the time I figured it out) and I just think prevacid is a THOUSAND times better than zantac.

    Anyway. I'm so excited for you!!

  2. I will definitely do that! Thanks for the advice!


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