Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

We hope you guys had a Happy Easter! We did! Christian made his first appearance at church. Isn't he sweet?? I wish I had gotten John to pull down the blanket so you could see his outfit!
We also had our family shower this weekend. It was so good to see everyone! They all seemed so genuinely happy that we finally got our miracle. It was a blessing to be able to share Christian with them. He was good for the party and then slept 7.5 hours that night! Wow! He's only been going 4-4.5 hours between night feedings so he must have been super tired to go 7.5! We had no such luck last night but he did go 5 hours and then 4.75. That's pretty good. Some of my friend's babies who are much smaller than him were sleeping through the night by 9 weeks... Christian's not overly eager to do that for us. But I know we don't have too much longer for 2am feedings.

Finally, it was my sister's 40th birthday Saturday and my birthday yesterday (we don't need to mention how old I am... just that I'm younger than my sister :0) ) We threw her a surprise party in the basement so it was baby shower upstairs and 40th b'day party downstairs. It was a lot of fun! John and Lil Man got me a picture frame engraved with Christian's name, DOB, and the quote "You Carried Me In Your Heart." It made me tear up a bit. He's so thoughtful.


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