Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Going to the 8th Grade Dance

With her Best Friend and their dates

Tristan Catching

So tired
Tristan did really well at the tournament.  They made it to the semi-finals but then lost to the team that ended up winning it all.  We took Christian to one of the games on Saturday but he wasn't very happy about it.  It had the two things he doesn't like... heat and loud noises.  Maybe he'll like it better in a couple of months.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Cutest Baby Ever

Maybe I'm partial but this has to be the cutest baby of all time!

Tristan has a softball tournament this weekend so I'll have a post dedicated to her on Monday.  Stay tuned! 


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I sometimes step back, take a deep breath, and soak up the fact that I have everything I have dreamed about for the past five years!  I want to live in the moment and remember every minute of this sweet little boy's life!  With the amount of work it takes to care for him I can sometimes get wrapped up in tasks rather than his life.  Bottles, laundry, diapers, shopping and constantly worrying that I'm not giving him everything he needs can take a lot out of a gal... But I'm working on it!  I know I'm not going to be a perfect mom and all I can do is enjoy my time with him.

We have started practicing eating from a spoon.  He's just eating formula off the spoon right now and we'll add cereal after his 4 month check up.  I think more ended up on the bib than in his belly but he's getting the hang of it.  In a few weeks I'm sure he'll be a pro... just in time for real food!

Couldn't you just get lost in those eyes??

He still has blue eyes but I think I can see some flecks of brown trying to come through.  I'm betting he'll have brown eyes but Yia Yia and Tristan are betting blue.  We'll see.

I love him so much that it makes me tear up just to think about him.  He's really a good baby.  He only cries when he's hungry or fighting sleep.  He wakes up every morning playing quietly by himself.  We're greeted with a big, gummy smile when he sees us.  Such a sweet boy!

The past two days we have dropped a bottle.  He's now taking six bottles/day and going to bed between 7:30 and 8:00.  He has been waking up at 12:30-1:00 and then sleeping until 7:30am.  I can't really complain about that.  He's a big boy and needs that nightly bottle.  I wish we could increase his other feedings but his reflux is so bad that he vomits if you get him too full.  Hopefully he'll grow out of this when we start solids.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beach Weekend

Looking for fish
First glimpse of the ocean
First time to put feet in the sand
Feet covered in sand
Cuddle time by the ocean

Yia Yia
Feet in the water
We had a great time at the beach!  It was a lot of work taking a baby to the beach for only a few days but it was fun.  My parents were there so they kept Christian Saturday so we could go to the outlets.  It was pretty refreshing to get out for the day and do some shopping.

Saturday night Christian slept through night for real!  He slept from 9pm until 6am!  What a great Mother's Day present!  Of course, now he's back to his regular schedule.  He usually eats at around 8:30pm, wakes up at around 2am for a bottle and then sometimes wakes up again at around 4 or 5.  I don't feed him at the 4 or 5 o'clock bottle but I do go in there and rock him back to sleep... I know... I know!  He's never going to sleep through the night if I keep rocking him to sleep. I just don't want to let him cry right now with his Yia Yia in the next room.  No reason to keep her up at night.  We'll try to let him cry some when she goes home.  Also, last night when I picked him, he burped and vomited on me.  So I think his tummy was hurting.  If I hadn't gone in there then his tummy would have hurt for hours.

Finally, we are LOVING having Yia Yia here!  She is so wonderful with him.  She also cooks dinner, cleans bottles and does laundry!  I don't know what we'll do when she leaves.  I told her she can't leave until he's 18. Haha!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Monkeying around

We went to the beach this weekend and I have a TON of pictures but I need to go through all of them.  Until then you'll have to settle for some phone pictures from his three month picture with his monkey.

This is what I imagine that he's thinking in these pictures.

"Oh Mom! Don't make me take a picture with the monkey again."
"Well, while he's here I might as well nibble on him."
"Oh Jeeze.  You're giving me a headache"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I heard somewhere that making a wish when the clock is on 11:11 would bring good luck.  So for the past five years I have made the same wish when I noticed the clock at that time... "Dear Lord, Please bless us with a healthy, happy child."  I have said this prayer so many times that is almost second nature.  So now that He has blessed us with our very own child I say a new prayer.  "Dear Lord, Thank you so much for our blessing."  It's my daily reminder that God does answer prayers.  Maybe not in the exact way you had imagined but in the exact way you need.

Christian update: He rolled over on a flat surface today but nobody saw it! Of course! Mom Z changed his diaper on his pad on the floor.  She then went to throw away his diaper and when she came back he was on his stomach!  Sneaky little boy!  I got these pictures of him rolling over while on a pillow the other night.


Almost there


Tummy Time
Don't you just love that face!

Tristan update:  Her birthday was May 8th so Mom Z baked her a cookie.  I can't believe she's 14!
Embarrassed because we're singing to her.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

3 months

Our little monkey is 3 months old today!  He weighed in at a whopping 17 lbs and 26 1/4 inches!  Here's a picture of him in a 12 month outfit. 

As you can see... he fills it out quite nicely. And here's a picture of him in his bath tub.  He's going to be too long for it soon and I don't know what we'll do.

Very important development: Christian rolled over on Friday.  He was propped up on a pillow so I'm not sure if it really counts but I'm counting it.  He can ALMOST do it while lying flat.  He rolls over from his back to his stomach but he doesn't like to be on his stomach so he fusses.  He's going to have to learn how to go stomach to back!  Due to this new development we had to stop swaddling him.  He needs his arms free in case rolls over at night.

Yesterday was our 5 year wedding anniversary.  He makes me happier than I thought possible.  Happy Anniversary Hubs!


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