Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I heard somewhere that making a wish when the clock is on 11:11 would bring good luck.  So for the past five years I have made the same wish when I noticed the clock at that time... "Dear Lord, Please bless us with a healthy, happy child."  I have said this prayer so many times that is almost second nature.  So now that He has blessed us with our very own child I say a new prayer.  "Dear Lord, Thank you so much for our blessing."  It's my daily reminder that God does answer prayers.  Maybe not in the exact way you had imagined but in the exact way you need.

Christian update: He rolled over on a flat surface today but nobody saw it! Of course! Mom Z changed his diaper on his pad on the floor.  She then went to throw away his diaper and when she came back he was on his stomach!  Sneaky little boy!  I got these pictures of him rolling over while on a pillow the other night.


Almost there


Tummy Time
Don't you just love that face!

Tristan update:  Her birthday was May 8th so Mom Z baked her a cookie.  I can't believe she's 14!
Embarrassed because we're singing to her.


  1. Hi Jaime,

    We haven't met yet but I am John's cousin Magda from Hamilton. I have been reading your blog for the past few weeks, once I learned of Christian joining our family.

    I love reading your updates and seeing your photos. Although we haven't met and I haven't seen John in a long time (insert sad face) I just wanted to reach out to you because I feel like I have learned so much about your life.

    I admire your strength and the courage you had when dealing with all the upsets. I am SOOO glad you finally have your little angel, Christian. With mothers day coming, I have been thinking about you a little more often. I have two kids, Olivia ia 7 and Evan is 9. They are wonderful, beautiful kids. Last night was Evan's school open house and he showed me an assignment that he worked on it class. It was about Hero's. Evan picked me as his hero and he wrote the most wonderful, sweet things. He is my little man and is such a mama's boy. (I love that in a son but not so much in a husband, lol) I just wanted you to know that everyday is a joy and that Christian she's you as his Hero and the day will come when he comes home from school with beautiful stories and poems and assignments dedicated to you!! I would love to be more in touch and I hope it is okay that I look you up on Facebook.

    Sending all my love to all of you!! xoxo

    Magda Ellis

  2. We always wish on 11:11 too!


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