Monday, June 11, 2012

A Scary Moment In The Z Household

Christian had his 4 month doctor's appointment on Thursday.  The doctor said he is a very healthy little boy and to keep doing what we're doing.  His stats were:

18.1 lbs
26 1/4 inches
Mama's Big Boy!!

He also said we can slowly start him on solids.  I told him that he's such a big boy that I tried giving him some rice cereal a couple of weeks ago and it made him projectile vomit several hours afterward.  He said we should try again with oatmeal.  So in one of my dumbest moments I decided to give him oatmeal cereal Thursday night.  He did the same thing he did when we gave him rice cereal... projectile vomited!  What if this little guy can’t eat cereal??  It's hard to tell though if it was due to the shots he had that day or the cereal.  So we haven't given him anything since.  It's really weird though because he doesn’t vomit right away.  He does it hours later and then continues for 12-24 hrs every time he has a bottle.  It’s pitiful.  So we gave him the cereal at around 6pm and he seemed fine but then at his 11:30pm bottle he was throwing up so hard he couldn’t breathe!  John was giving him the bottle and he came running in our room and screamed, “Get up and get in here NOW!”  I went from dead asleep to feet on the floor in .1 second!  John looked like he was about to cry, there was puke EVERYWHERE, and he was bouncing him and slapping on the back.  I was like, “What is going on in here?”  He said, “He can’t breathe!!!”  Scary moment for both of us!  I was the one who remained calm though and told John to stop shaking the baby and beating him on the back.  So he held him still and I listened right by his mouth and heard the saddest little inhale that sounded like a wheeze.  So at least he was getting a little air... but not much.  I decided if he wasn't breathing better in 60 seconds we would call 911.  I needed to have a plan!  By this time Yia Yia was up and in his room too.  We just let him sit for a minute and he finally got back to breathing somewhat regularly but he was still choking a bit.  Yia Yia and I cleaned up the puke off the floor and chair, changed his clothes and got John to go change his.  I mean it was everywhere!  He's such a trooper that by the time we got all of that done he was grinning and talking, still coughing some but grinning and talking.  John was still so scared that he let him sleep on his chest until 4am!  He’s such a good dad.

Then Christian did the same thing about 30 min after giving him his 7am bottle Friday morning.  It wasn't as much but he was lying on his pillow and the puke shot up out of his mouth like a water fountain.  I quickly sat him up but he was vomiting so hard he couldn't breathe.  By the time it stopped and he gasped for air, some went down his windpipe which made him unable to breathe again.  So scary!!  There is nothing as terrifying as watching your little sweet pea choking and gasping for air.  At least I hope I don't witness anything worse than that.

He also stopped taking all of his bottle which means he's not eating enough during the day to sustain him.  SO - we're waking up twice/night again.  Joy!  Today is the first day he actually got most of his bottles so I hope we're down to just once tonight.

We haven't given him anything solid since the oatmeal incident on Thursday but we've decided to try pears tomorrow.  I hear they're easy to digest and a great first food.  We'll see.  Hopefully he takes them like a champ and we don't have another episode.


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  1. Aahhh poor baby!! I hope the pears go much better!


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