Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finally Final - Hopefully

Tomorrow is our court date!!  We are so excited! I'm a little nervous but I have been assured by our attorney that everything should go smoothly.  Please pray that Christian will finally be ours legally and forever!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

First tooth

Today I took Christian over to Jessica's to see some of what will some day be his best friends.  Today they were just stealing the attention the he always feels belongs to him.  He is just a little spoiled!  But he was also a bit fussy because he got his first tooth.  Yes his first tooth!!  There have been so many firsts over the past few days and I'm glad I caught so many of them with the camera~

His first piece of a puff.  Not a whole puff but about a quarter of one.
Yia Yia with John and his two babies.
Tristan feeding Christian for the first time.
My first tooth!!!  It broke through today 7/28/12!

Learning to feed myself.  The daycare expects me to do this!

All dressed up for his play date today.  These are supposed to be shorts but they're 18 months so they're long.  I had to roll them up!

Can you guys guess who is the oldest of these friends??  Hint:  It's not Christian!  He's the youngest!  The age is in order left to right: Brooks, McKenna, and Christian.  Look at his legs compared to theirs!

I love the expressions in this picture!  Brooks has some attitude and McKenna  is giving C the eye!

Brooks and McKenna were playing but C was having none of it!  Ha! 
Fast Friends!
There were supposed to be 4 babies there.  Rhonda couldn't bring Peter though because he is sick.  Hopefully he'll feel better soon. At least I got to see her and the precious ML!   Did I forget to mention there were two 3 year old ladies there as well?  It was a mad house!  Jessica was so gracious to host!

It was wonderful to see my friends today but I'm exhausted! C woke up at 4:15 this morning and thought it was morning.  He finally went back to sleep at around 4:50 but I couldn't really sleep after that.  And he woke up again at 5:45 and wouldn't go back to sleep.  He's an early bird!  I guess that means he gets the worm.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Dedication

Lexi stealing a kiss

Dancing with Big Sister
 Mom Z is counting down the days until she leaves.  We're counting them down too but for a different reason...because we're sad.  I can't believe she's leaving in 9 days!  What are we going to do??  She has been such an amazing help and I know Christian loves spending this time with her.  He sure does love her!  And so do we!
A rare photo of mom and lil man!
 Sunday I took him to church and he stayed in the nursery the first time.  The director asked if I could stay and volunteer... they were short handed.  So I got to stay in his class and watch how he interacted.  He didn't really interact though.  He watched them some but mostly he played by himself.  I'm sure this will change once he's in school... in less than 2 weeks.  Eeek!

We also set the date for his dedication.  It will be September 23rd.  Yay!  Don't worry Greek family... we plan to have him Christened when we come to Canada.  We figure it can't hurt to do it twice!  Not only will he have a Dedication and a Christening; he will also have two sets of godparents.  (Two different religions need two different sets of godparents!) He will have his Alabama godparents - Josh and Jessica.  And he will have his Greek godparents - Uncle Dan and Aunt Kristine.  He is one lucky little boy!

I could just gobble up those cheeks!
His weight has plateaued over the last few weeks.  He's only gained 1 lb in the past three weeks.  He's now up to 21 lbs!  He's been fussy a good bit around nap time so we think he's close to getting a tooth.  He gnaws on anything and everything!  He mostly sleeps through the night.  Maybe once or twice a week he'll wake up in the middle of the night crying.  We still wake him up at 10:30pm for a dream feed and then he usually sleeps until 6-6:30.  Can't complain about that!  He still has his blue eyes.  Mom Z is determined that they will stay blue... we'll see.  I would love to have a blue eyed little man but I really feel they'll end up being brown like mine.

Prayer requests:
I haven't requested prayers in quite a while.  I think I felt I used up all of my requests over the past 4 years of infertility!  But that's just ridiculous!  There's always room for prayers!

1.  Please pray for my uncle and his two children.  He is in ICU and he's not doing well.  My cousins are adults but it's terrible to lose your father no matter what age you are.

2.  Please pray for my co-worker's grandson.  He's 8 months old and just got out of the hospital.  He's in and out of the hospital with many tummy issues.  He has severe bladder reflux and his urinary tract tubes were deformed.  Therefore, they had to cut a hole in his tummy and collect his urine in a bag to bypass his tubes.  This past visit to the hospital was 9 days for an infection.  Please pray that there will be no more infections and that he can stay healthy until he can get his surgery to fix his tubes at 1 year old.  I just can't imagine my little man being so sick.  It breaks my heart!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Court Date

Our court date was pushed back to Aug 1st.  Don't they know how ready we are for this adoption to be finalized!

In the mean time here are some more pictures of the cutest little boy in the whole world!

I'm getting too big for my swing... at 5 months old!
But I'm still riding for a little while longer!
I love an iphone.  I will stop what I'm doing to look at one.
I also love my Daddy!  He's so funny!

I'm doing much better at sitting.
Daddy is making me laugh!  Tickle! Tickle!
Who could say no to this face??

Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 Month Photo

Much bigger than my monkey!!

I'm sitting up now with a little assistance from mom!

Sometimes mom lets go and I do this...

But sometimes I stay up!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beach Weekend

We went to the beach again this weekend.  We left Tuesday night and came back Saturday night.  My Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mickey were generous enough to let us stay at their place which is right beside my parents!  How perfect! It was a really nice trip and my parents graciously babysat lil man a lot.  They watched him Wednesday while the hubs and I spent some quality time at the beach and then Wednesday night so we could have some much needed alone time.  My aunt left a day early so their condo was open.  John and I were happy to  stay there the night! :)
My Aunt Debbie gave Christian this duckie bathtub.  He loves it!

 My mom also watched him while we went deep sea fishing.  It was John's first trip and it didn't disappoint!  He caught snapper and a King Mackerel.

Christian also turned 5 months old while we were there.  I have his monthly photo with the monkey but it's on the big camera.  I'll try to get it on here sometime this week.

You may be wondering why I haven't mentioned Yia Yia.  It's because she wanted stay home....  WHAT?!?!  Who doesn't like going to the beach?  I think the truth is that she needed some R&R and it is seriously hot outside.  Little did she know that Lexi is afraid of fireworks so she kept her up Wednesday and Friday night.  I'm not sure how much rest she was able to get.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Play Date

First of all, Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian friends and family!

Christian had a play date today.  John grilled out for four of his friends and their wives. One of those friends has a baby boy that is nine days younger than Christian.  They really didn't do much together.  They just looked at each other.  How cute are these boys?  Christian's hands and feet were literally twice as big as Grayson's.

I got to have some adult time this weekend too.  I went to Kelly P's pool yesterday for a few hours.  It is so ridiculously HOT outside but laying on a float in the pool was perfect!  Those few hours of girl time were just what I needed.  I miss Christian so much when I'm gone but I think all moms need a little down time.

Mom Z was originally going to leave this past Tuesday.  It's so hard to imagine that she would have been gone now if she had kept those plans!  We love having her here and are threatening not to take her to the airport on Aug 3rd!


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