Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beach Weekend

We went to the beach again this weekend.  We left Tuesday night and came back Saturday night.  My Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mickey were generous enough to let us stay at their place which is right beside my parents!  How perfect! It was a really nice trip and my parents graciously babysat lil man a lot.  They watched him Wednesday while the hubs and I spent some quality time at the beach and then Wednesday night so we could have some much needed alone time.  My aunt left a day early so their condo was open.  John and I were happy to  stay there the night! :)
My Aunt Debbie gave Christian this duckie bathtub.  He loves it!

 My mom also watched him while we went deep sea fishing.  It was John's first trip and it didn't disappoint!  He caught snapper and a King Mackerel.

Christian also turned 5 months old while we were there.  I have his monthly photo with the monkey but it's on the big camera.  I'll try to get it on here sometime this week.

You may be wondering why I haven't mentioned Yia Yia.  It's because she wanted stay home....  WHAT?!?!  Who doesn't like going to the beach?  I think the truth is that she needed some R&R and it is seriously hot outside.  Little did she know that Lexi is afraid of fireworks so she kept her up Wednesday and Friday night.  I'm not sure how much rest she was able to get.


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