Saturday, July 28, 2012

First tooth

Today I took Christian over to Jessica's to see some of what will some day be his best friends.  Today they were just stealing the attention the he always feels belongs to him.  He is just a little spoiled!  But he was also a bit fussy because he got his first tooth.  Yes his first tooth!!  There have been so many firsts over the past few days and I'm glad I caught so many of them with the camera~

His first piece of a puff.  Not a whole puff but about a quarter of one.
Yia Yia with John and his two babies.
Tristan feeding Christian for the first time.
My first tooth!!!  It broke through today 7/28/12!

Learning to feed myself.  The daycare expects me to do this!

All dressed up for his play date today.  These are supposed to be shorts but they're 18 months so they're long.  I had to roll them up!

Can you guys guess who is the oldest of these friends??  Hint:  It's not Christian!  He's the youngest!  The age is in order left to right: Brooks, McKenna, and Christian.  Look at his legs compared to theirs!

I love the expressions in this picture!  Brooks has some attitude and McKenna  is giving C the eye!

Brooks and McKenna were playing but C was having none of it!  Ha! 
Fast Friends!
There were supposed to be 4 babies there.  Rhonda couldn't bring Peter though because he is sick.  Hopefully he'll feel better soon. At least I got to see her and the precious ML!   Did I forget to mention there were two 3 year old ladies there as well?  It was a mad house!  Jessica was so gracious to host!

It was wonderful to see my friends today but I'm exhausted! C woke up at 4:15 this morning and thought it was morning.  He finally went back to sleep at around 4:50 but I couldn't really sleep after that.  And he woke up again at 5:45 and wouldn't go back to sleep.  He's an early bird!  I guess that means he gets the worm.


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