Friday, August 31, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My dad came through the surgery well.  The doctor had to cut him more than he thought and had to remove more of the colon.  But they didn't see anything that led them to believe the cancer had spread.  They are testing a few of his lymph nodes to be sure but I'm staying positive that they got it all!

Christian is crawling!  Watch out world!

Sorry for the poor video quality.  I emailed it to myself and it reduced the size of the file.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eye on the Prize

Christian woke up coughing again last night.  Poor buddy is fighting another cold and his night time coughing is pretty rough.  This time when John looked at the monitor to check on him, all he could see were two huge eyeballs staring back at him.  Yes... that little booger had pushed himself up to a sitting position and was locked on the video camera on the edge of the crib.  He was studying it pretty hard and was about to get it and take a bite.  Haha!  I guess it’s time to remove the mobile and put the camera out of his reach.  He’s such a big boy and is always learning something new!  Today he even crawled two paces toward me.  He fussed and whined the whole way but he did it!  It won't be long before he's crawling all over this house!

Tomorrow is my dad's surgery.  Please say a prayer that there are no complications and that they just have to remove the one spot.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Big Week

It has been another big week for the Z Family.  1)Christian started his new day care, 2)Tristan started high school (HIGH SCHOOL!!! AHHH!), 3)I hired my new employee at work and 4)poor John is still working late.  He's actually still at work right now... it's 8pm.

1) We love Christian's new day care.  I love that I can hop online and check on him throughout the day.  I was expecting him to be sick by tonight because the past two weeks he has been out of school on Thursday and Friday.  So far so good though and he still seems pretty healthy.  He still has a pretty bad rash from the reaction though.  I'm sure the other parents are hoping that their baby isn't anywhere near our baby!

2) Tristan started high school Monday!  I can't believe she's in high school!  How weird is it to have one kid starting day care and the other starting high school in the same month??  John said she was nervous but was really excited.  She saw some of her friends from her middle school and felt a little better after that.

3) I have interviewed 10 people in the past three days!  All of that hard work paid off though because I found my new employee.  I gave her the offer today and she accepted... thank goodness.  I need some help!  I've been doing this position, plus my own, plus training my other employee for the past week.  It's been tough.

4) Say a prayer that John's work will get better.  Hopefully it will ease up soon.  I'm exhausted and I know he is too!

I also have another prayer request.  Please pray for my dad.  They found a tumor in his colon and are removing it next Wednesday. Please pray that he comes through the surgery feeling well and that this is the only spot and hasn't spread.



Saturday, August 18, 2012


If I thought last week was busy, this week has been terrible!  Christian is still sick, he's not sleeping well at night, John has been working late, there are two more pretty serious illnesses in my family, we are switching daycares, I'm overwhelmed at work and last (but certainly not least) we had to take Christian to Children's Hospital today.

Poor Christian had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.  Looks like he's allergic to penicillin like me.  Luckily it was just a skin allergy rather than a respiratory reaction.  He started developing a rash last night and by this morning he was covered.  Poor thing.  He's such a trooper.  I was freaked out at first but I'm allergic to penicillin and I remember having a reaction... I was fine.  And so is he.

Here's a picture from Children's.

Still smiling like a trooper

 Phew!  I need a break!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still Sickly

Poor Christian is still sick from last Wednesday.  We took him back to the doctor today and he gave him some antibiotics.  We still don't really know what is wrong though.  His ears are clear and the strep test was negative but he had a temp again today.  He went to school Mon - Wed so maybe he was getting better but picked up another little something.  I'm staying home with him tomorrow so hopefully he'll be feeling better by Monday.

We are considering switching daycares.  He has only been there six days in two weeks but I have noticed some major issues.  I talked to the director yesterday and he said that my concerns were reasonable and that he would talk to the teachers.  But then when I picked him up that afternoon, the teachers didn't really talk to me.  I guess they're upset that I told on them.  But I have to be Christian's advocate even if it means hurting some feelings.  I went to visit another day care today that seemed to be a lot more friendly to the babies.  It's quite a bit more expensive than his current school but you can't put a price on a loving, nurturing environment.  While his current school is very strict with making the babies conform to the routine they create, this school has no structure at all.  It is all "on demand" until Christian turns 1.  I guess my ideal situation would be to have structure with deviations if needed.  

Pray that we find the right fit and Christian is a happy camper!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Our First Illness

Christian started daycare on Monday and was sick by Wednesday. Poor fella. He has a cold. He just looks at you like, "what is wrong with my nose?" I can't tell him that it's just temporary and he'll be good as new soon.  He coughs all night too which makes for a tired, fussy baby.

John has been so good with him. I got up with him at midnight Wednesday night and then John got up with him at 2. He didn't come back to bed until 4 because he let him sleep on his chest for a while. Then he took him to the dr Thursday morning and stayed home with him on Friday. He's such a good dad!

He had graduated from his nap nanny and was exclusively in his crib for the past month. But with this new illness we have gotten him back in the nanny at night. I think he sleeps better with his head elevated right now.

Let's hope he gets over it soon. He went back to school today but he's still pretty stuffy. He even refused both of his bottles today. My lil man refuses nothing so I know he must not feel well. Poor thing. I feel so guilty for having to send him there. I wish I could stay home with him a few days a week but I can't. Maybe one day...


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My goodness we've been busy!  Where to start...

Christian started school on Monday.  It was a lot harder on me than him.  I was holding it together pretty well until we had to walk out of the room.  Then I lost it and cried pretty much the whole way to work.  I'm still a little teary just thinking about it.  They said he was a bit fussy and whiny but that was more due to the fact that he didn't nap well.  She said he did much better today and even got a yellow card (this is a good thing.)  His teachers sent home a letter with stickers and happy faces describing Christian as a pleasure to have in the class.  They said he smiled a lot today so that made me feel better.  Here he is on his first day!

My first day of school
 His first day of school was also his 6 month birthday.  Here's his monthly monkey picture.
6 Months Old!  Too cute!
 Today they scared the daylights out of me by calling at 8:30.  Thankfully she started the conversation by saying, "Nothing's wrong..."  She was just calling to tell me that he was mad at the teachers because they wouldn't feed him anymore.  He had all of the breakfast we had sent him and wanted more! Haha!  She asked if they could give him something else.  I gave the go ahead and they said they fed him a whole stage 3 jar of pears!  He's such a piggy!  I guess we need to give him more food for breakfast!  I felt like the worst mom ever when she called... hopefully she doesn't think we're starving him.

How cute is the mohawk?
Work has been pretty crazy too.  I have been part-time since I returned, however, I got a promotion recently.  I'll now have two employees on my team.  I'm excited about the new opportunity but I don't know how I'll  train my two employees, do the work of the girl who's leaving until I hire someone to replace her, and do all of my work in 32 hours.  I suppose I'll have to work more over the next few months.  And I'm doing all of this for no extra money... hmmm... sounds like I'm a sucker!  I hope they realize how awesome I am soon! ;)

This was the day before Yia Yia left.  I just want you to see... he does fuss.  But he's cute even when he's fussing.

Finally, please pray for my uncle's family.  He passed away this weekend leaving a son, daughter, mother, two grandchildren (with another on the way), and four brothers and sisters to mourn.  Please pray that they will find peace knowing that he is with his Heavenly Father and they will see him again.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Yia Yia

Yia Yia left today...  we're so sad.  I feel like Christian has been looking for her today but I don't know for sure.  There were times that I took him upstairs or into the kitchen and he got a big grin.  Like he was expecting her to be in there.  Hopefully he'll transition well.  Hopefully we'll transition well!! Haha!  It's easy to say that we'll miss her cooking and the fact that she took such good care of little man, but I'll also miss her company.  It was nice to have someone to talk to when John was working late, or at Tristan's softball or at his softball.  It was nice to have her there when I had questions about C.  I feel like most everything I do with him is trial and error so it made me feel a lot better if she agreed with whatever I was trying.

This has been a busy week for us. We had the finalization Wednesday, Yia Yia left today, he has his 6 mo check up today and we'll start day care on Monday.  We dropped off some of his supplies for day care after his appt today.  John got to meet his teacher and was a little nervous about the sanitary-ness of the toys.  I told him that is the nature of day care and that he will most likely be sick within 2 weeks of starting.  Let's pray he's a healthy little man!

6 month stats:  He was 21.5 lbs and 27 1/2 inches.  That put him in the 98% for weight and 75% in height.  That means he's a little heavy for his height.  Hmmmm.  There's not much we can do about that... he's a hungry boy.  The doctor said it's fine and that he'll start to thin out in a few months when he's crawling.  He's pretty active now that he can sit and roll so I'm sure he'll be even more active when he's fully mobile!

We downloaded the pictures from Yia Yia's camera over the past three months.  Here's how much this little guy has changed in the time that she's been here:

First week here

2nd week here
Sometime during the 1st month here

Sometime during the 2nd month

Three weeks ago

Last week

Adoption Hearing - Wednesday
Yesterday - How much does he love her!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

He's Officially Ours

We feel so blessed that his Yia Yia, Granna and Pop were able to come to the finalization.

I believe he's happy to officially be a part of our family!

Forever and ever! The judge signed the papers and said that it was evident he was in a loving home! I don't know that any boy could be more loved...


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