Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Big Week

It has been another big week for the Z Family.  1)Christian started his new day care, 2)Tristan started high school (HIGH SCHOOL!!! AHHH!), 3)I hired my new employee at work and 4)poor John is still working late.  He's actually still at work right now... it's 8pm.

1) We love Christian's new day care.  I love that I can hop online and check on him throughout the day.  I was expecting him to be sick by tonight because the past two weeks he has been out of school on Thursday and Friday.  So far so good though and he still seems pretty healthy.  He still has a pretty bad rash from the reaction though.  I'm sure the other parents are hoping that their baby isn't anywhere near our baby!

2) Tristan started high school Monday!  I can't believe she's in high school!  How weird is it to have one kid starting day care and the other starting high school in the same month??  John said she was nervous but was really excited.  She saw some of her friends from her middle school and felt a little better after that.

3) I have interviewed 10 people in the past three days!  All of that hard work paid off though because I found my new employee.  I gave her the offer today and she accepted... thank goodness.  I need some help!  I've been doing this position, plus my own, plus training my other employee for the past week.  It's been tough.

4) Say a prayer that John's work will get better.  Hopefully it will ease up soon.  I'm exhausted and I know he is too!

I also have another prayer request.  Please pray for my dad.  They found a tumor in his colon and are removing it next Wednesday. Please pray that he comes through the surgery feeling well and that this is the only spot and hasn't spread.



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