Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eye on the Prize

Christian woke up coughing again last night.  Poor buddy is fighting another cold and his night time coughing is pretty rough.  This time when John looked at the monitor to check on him, all he could see were two huge eyeballs staring back at him.  Yes... that little booger had pushed himself up to a sitting position and was locked on the video camera on the edge of the crib.  He was studying it pretty hard and was about to get it and take a bite.  Haha!  I guess it’s time to remove the mobile and put the camera out of his reach.  He’s such a big boy and is always learning something new!  Today he even crawled two paces toward me.  He fussed and whined the whole way but he did it!  It won't be long before he's crawling all over this house!

Tomorrow is my dad's surgery.  Please say a prayer that there are no complications and that they just have to remove the one spot.


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