Monday, August 13, 2012

Our First Illness

Christian started daycare on Monday and was sick by Wednesday. Poor fella. He has a cold. He just looks at you like, "what is wrong with my nose?" I can't tell him that it's just temporary and he'll be good as new soon.  He coughs all night too which makes for a tired, fussy baby.

John has been so good with him. I got up with him at midnight Wednesday night and then John got up with him at 2. He didn't come back to bed until 4 because he let him sleep on his chest for a while. Then he took him to the dr Thursday morning and stayed home with him on Friday. He's such a good dad!

He had graduated from his nap nanny and was exclusively in his crib for the past month. But with this new illness we have gotten him back in the nanny at night. I think he sleeps better with his head elevated right now.

Let's hope he gets over it soon. He went back to school today but he's still pretty stuffy. He even refused both of his bottles today. My lil man refuses nothing so I know he must not feel well. Poor thing. I feel so guilty for having to send him there. I wish I could stay home with him a few days a week but I can't. Maybe one day...


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  1. M goes back in the nap nanny too when she's sick. Sweet C! Love him! Miss yoU!


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