Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still Sickly

Poor Christian is still sick from last Wednesday.  We took him back to the doctor today and he gave him some antibiotics.  We still don't really know what is wrong though.  His ears are clear and the strep test was negative but he had a temp again today.  He went to school Mon - Wed so maybe he was getting better but picked up another little something.  I'm staying home with him tomorrow so hopefully he'll be feeling better by Monday.

We are considering switching daycares.  He has only been there six days in two weeks but I have noticed some major issues.  I talked to the director yesterday and he said that my concerns were reasonable and that he would talk to the teachers.  But then when I picked him up that afternoon, the teachers didn't really talk to me.  I guess they're upset that I told on them.  But I have to be Christian's advocate even if it means hurting some feelings.  I went to visit another day care today that seemed to be a lot more friendly to the babies.  It's quite a bit more expensive than his current school but you can't put a price on a loving, nurturing environment.  While his current school is very strict with making the babies conform to the routine they create, this school has no structure at all.  It is all "on demand" until Christian turns 1.  I guess my ideal situation would be to have structure with deviations if needed.  

Pray that we find the right fit and Christian is a happy camper!


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