Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My goodness we've been busy!  Where to start...

Christian started school on Monday.  It was a lot harder on me than him.  I was holding it together pretty well until we had to walk out of the room.  Then I lost it and cried pretty much the whole way to work.  I'm still a little teary just thinking about it.  They said he was a bit fussy and whiny but that was more due to the fact that he didn't nap well.  She said he did much better today and even got a yellow card (this is a good thing.)  His teachers sent home a letter with stickers and happy faces describing Christian as a pleasure to have in the class.  They said he smiled a lot today so that made me feel better.  Here he is on his first day!

My first day of school
 His first day of school was also his 6 month birthday.  Here's his monthly monkey picture.
6 Months Old!  Too cute!
 Today they scared the daylights out of me by calling at 8:30.  Thankfully she started the conversation by saying, "Nothing's wrong..."  She was just calling to tell me that he was mad at the teachers because they wouldn't feed him anymore.  He had all of the breakfast we had sent him and wanted more! Haha!  She asked if they could give him something else.  I gave the go ahead and they said they fed him a whole stage 3 jar of pears!  He's such a piggy!  I guess we need to give him more food for breakfast!  I felt like the worst mom ever when she called... hopefully she doesn't think we're starving him.

How cute is the mohawk?
Work has been pretty crazy too.  I have been part-time since I returned, however, I got a promotion recently.  I'll now have two employees on my team.  I'm excited about the new opportunity but I don't know how I'll  train my two employees, do the work of the girl who's leaving until I hire someone to replace her, and do all of my work in 32 hours.  I suppose I'll have to work more over the next few months.  And I'm doing all of this for no extra money... hmmm... sounds like I'm a sucker!  I hope they realize how awesome I am soon! ;)

This was the day before Yia Yia left.  I just want you to see... he does fuss.  But he's cute even when he's fussing.

Finally, please pray for my uncle's family.  He passed away this weekend leaving a son, daughter, mother, two grandchildren (with another on the way), and four brothers and sisters to mourn.  Please pray that they will find peace knowing that he is with his Heavenly Father and they will see him again.


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