Sunday, September 23, 2012


Guess what???  Christian is actually well!  Yay!  He has been clean for three days now.  Hopefully he'll keep it up for a while.  It was perfect timing for his dedication.  He has now formally been dedicated to our Lord and Savior.  I thank the Lord every day that He brought Christian to us!  And I thank Christian's birthmother for choosing to give him life and letting us raise him.

I don't have a lot of family pictures because there was a photographer onsite who took them.  Christian's godfather managed to snap a few during the ceremony though.  Little man did so well!  I thought he would cry being in front of that many people but he was great!  He's such a sweet boy...

A very thoughtful friend made this gown for him.  It's so special and something he can pass on to his children.

They had photos on the screens behind us.

Mari Beth asking the church if they will help raise him as a Godly child.

Praying... Christian hasn't figured that one out yet.

We had a little party afterward to celebrate.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture until after most people had eaten.

Yummy cake!
Thanks to Tristan, my mom, my dad, Josh, Jessica, Emma, baby James, Stacey and Kevin for being there to celebrate!

Christian is growing exponentially these days.  Every day he does something new.  He is only 7 1/2 months old and already into everything.  You can't leave him alone for one second or he'll be trying to eat Lexi's food, crawling out the doggie door, trying to climb up on the dishwasher, eating a shoe, playing in his own spit up (this is one of his favorites) or trying to find some sort of electrical gadget.  He pulls up on everything and has even started letting go with one had and can balance.  He has now said Mama and Dada.  He is so funny when he tries to talk.  He can't figure out what to do with his tongue so it's usually hanging out of the side of his mouth.  He still spits up A LOT and likes to "fingerpaint" in it.  I have to quickly shoo him and Lexi away while I try to clean it. He has been teething for weeks now and we really wish that other tooth would pop.  He still only has the two on the bottom. He was pretty needy last week and didn't want to be away from me.  He threw his fair share of fits... But he has been in such a great mood this weekend and has made me laugh more than I have in a while.  He has been singing, squealing and chasing Lexi around the house.  I love him so much it hurts!


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