Saturday, September 29, 2012

No Fear

Little man has no fear lately.  He started pulling up on stuff and letting go with one hand.  Now he lets go with both hands.  I watched him do it in his room.  He stood there for a good 10 seconds not holding on to anything and holding his dog with both hands.  But then he lost his balance and fell.  Well... he has been doing this at school too and he fell several times yesterday.  Look at this poor face:

He scratched his nose and cheek and bumped his chin.  They said his bottom teeth bled a little bit when he bumped his chin.  Poor fella. But they said he was a tough little guy and only cried for a second. Hopefully he'll realize that he is only 7 months old soon!

The Greek Festival is going on this weekend! We're planning to take him today or tomorrow so he can see a bit of his other religion.  We wish his Nouno Dan and Nouna Kristine were here to experience some of the Greek traditions with him.  We look forward to them teaching him the ways of the Greek church.  I'll be sure to post some pictures of the dancing.  Christian loves to dance now when I sing to him so maybe he'll dance to the Greek music.  We may even let him try a little bit of the food.


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