Monday, September 17, 2012


Why yes... Christian is still sick.  I think I'll just stop updating about him being sick and I'll let you know when he's actually well.  He hasn't had a fever in a week so that is good.  But he's still snotty and wakes up coughing at night.

I caught a little something myself.  My throat was hurting so I took a flashlight and gave it a glance.  Ewww.  I have a science experiment growing back there! I had a temp of 102 last night and 101 this morning so I headed to the doctor.  I have strep.  I'm really hoping that's what Christian had when they couldn't figure out why he had the fever.  Hopefully if he's already had it he can't get again from me.  I'm trying not to kiss him or touch him too much.  Boy is that hard!  John picked him up from daycare today since my blood pressure was high and my heart was racing at the doctor.  She told me if I overexerted myself that I could pass out.  Well that's not good!  I got a shot in the hip, an antibiotic and some cough syrup.  Hopefully I'll be good as new.

Christian doesn't seem too sick though.  He's all over the place!  Crawling and pulling up on anything and everything!  He also said his first word...... Mama!  Yay me!  John has been trying so hard to get him to say Dada now.  We'll see if that is his second word.  I sure hope so.
Shy smile


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