Sunday, October 28, 2012

Long Week

It's been a long week! Christian has been sick, John had to work late most nights, I caught a stomach bug and almost died (maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but it was terrible!), I had Supper Club Thursday night and John and I had a Halloween party Saturday night. Today we even took lil big man to a Halloween carnival at church. I am beat!

Christian seems to be getting better. He is still coughing and is congested but not as bad. He's been waking up coughing at night but last night he didn't. My parents graciously kept him so John and I could go to our Halloween party. 

Our costume! Haha!
I'm so glad he picked last night to sleep through the night! :) Speaking of my parents... my dad got some good news. They biopsied a mass on his thyroid and it isn't cancerous. Yay! Finally some good news! Tristan had a great weekend too. She had a tournament/camp out of town and did great! She got 10 out of 11 hits at bat! She was on fire! She also made all As and Bs in school. We couldn't be prouder of her. She's such a well rounded young lady! John finished a big deadline on Thursday so he took the day off Friday. It was also my day off so we went to lunch. Here's the view...

The leaves are just starting to change.  So pretty.

And here is my sweet boy in his doggie costume!

He's not super happy about his costume. But he's so CUTE!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Lucky Streak

Our lucky streak of no ear infections has come to an end.  I took lil big man to the doctor today.  Poor fella.  He started running a fever yesterday and I knew he didn't feel well when he crawled up on John's chest and fell asleep.  He also has goopy, crusty eyes.  It was so pitiful this morning when he was trying to open them.  Breaks my heart!


I had another first mom moment in the waiting room.  John has been at every one of his doctor's appointments.  He planned to go today so he had the diaper bag in his car, however, he couldn't make it.  I had to borrow a bib and diaper from daycare just in case we needed them.  So I was sitting in the waiting room trying to contain Christian to a small area to keep him away from all of the germs.  I picked him up and put him in my lap and had just gotten out the bib when he started projectile vomiting.  Keep in mind that with the changing weather this is one of the busiest times of the year for pediatrics.  The waiting room was chugging full.  All of these people turned and stared at me with a horrified expression.  I was holding a baby who was projectile vomiting into my hand that I was trying to catch with the bib.  The bib didn't stand a chance.  It was all over me, all over Christian, all over the floor, in my shoes... it was terrible.  And all of those people just stared.  Christian finally stopped and immediately started crying.  I was frozen.  I had nothing to wipe it off and we were dripping.  Finally this sweet lady got me some tissues.  I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth or anything but a few tissues wasn't going to put a dent in this.  Luckily they called our name at that point so I dropped the bib to the floor, used my few tissues, and calmly walked to the front desk to let them know "There was a vomit issue in the floor."  My personality profile is so true.  It says that I look calm, cool and collected even in the most trying circumstances.  While I remained poised and calm on the outside I was mortified on the inside.  I could feel the tears welling up.  Tears for my poor baby who is sick, tears for my embarrassment, tears for the fact that I had vomit in my shoes, tears for being alone... tears.  But I didn't let them surface.  I choked them back, put on my big girl pants, and stayed strong for my little man.  I also called my wonderful husband and told him that I knew he was busy but I needed him to bring me the diaper bag. 

The diagnosis:  Double ear infection.  So our lucky streak is over at 8 1/2 months.  I am thankful that he lasted this long.  I really didn't think that's what it was.  He gave no indication that his ears were hurting.  I assumed it was a sinus infection.  Poor buddy.  He got an antibiotic and will hopefully be good as new in a few days.  Now I'm going to bed and try to forget about my traumatic afternoon.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My Dad started chemo today.  He looks pretty comfortable don't you think?

Please say a prayer that the chemo will not be too hard on him and it will knock out all of the cancer.


Monday, October 15, 2012

The Snot is Back

How can I eloquently say this.... The snot is back! It arrived with a vengance this morning.  He can't breathe when he's taking his bottle and his poor nose is already raw. He had finally started sleeping through the night again but last night he woke up.  Poor little man!  I hope this illness doesn't last a month like the last one.

Aside from the illness, Christian is doing great.  He's into everything and wants to do/touch/investigate/ everything that he's not supposed to be doing/touching/investigating.

Making his getaway!
Not so sure about green beans.

Have you ever seen such a little monkey?
He's up to 23 lbs.  I asked his teacher at school if he seems to eat more than the other kids and she immediately answered yes.  Well that didn't alleviate any of my worries.  I appreciate all of the advice I got after my post where I opened up about my anxiety of over feeding him.  One important fact that I forgot to mention is that he doesn't stop eating.  He has never turned his head away from food.  He will literally eat until he throws up.  His daycare found this out the hard way.  Now they only give him what I send plus some cheerios.  The pediatrician is no help b/c she said that he'll stop when he's full... well he doesn't.  Maybe he's missing that sensation that tells him he has had enough. I just hope that I'm giving him what he needs without setting him up for issues in the future.  Does a mother's worry ever stop???  I already know the answer...

 We're upgrading him to a convertible car seat this week.  I just realized that ours maxes out at 22 lbs.  Uh oh!  I still can't believe how big he's getting!  I can't believe he's almost a toddler.  I'm excited for this new stage but so sad that he's not a baby anymore.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Better Video

Here's a better video of Lil big man walking... and then dancing.  He is just too cute!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

1st Unassisted Steps

Christian took his first unassisted steps today... or I guess technically I should say "unassisted-by-humans steps."  I am so NOT ready for this!  When did my little baby grow up?

He turned 8 months old today.  I got a "What to expect at 8 months" email and started laughing.  It said something like, "Your little one should be able to sit unassisted by now.  He may even be leaning forward and getting on all fours.  Some babies may even start rocking back and forth." Haha!  We blew past all of that at 6 months!  Here is what he is up to these days:

He is holding pretty steady with his weight at 22.5 lbs.  He eats A LOT but he moves A LOT.  He is always on the go!  He is extremely observant and can spy a cell phone all the way across the room.  Once he has his mind set on something it is extremely hard to distract him.  He keeps his eye on the prize.  He babbles a lot but still mainly says Mama and Dada.  He usually says Mama when he's with John and Dada when he's with me.  I think he's asking for the other parent so we can all be together.  He's very independent in the fact that he wants to do things for himself but still pretty clingy and wants to be held.  He likes to feed himself and has had pizza, spaghetti, corn bread, coleslaw, chicken, rice, toast with cream cheese, cake and several different cereals.  He has graduated from puffs to Multigrain Cheerios.

I almost don't want to say this b/c I don't want to jinx it but he has been healthy for two weeks!  He is sleeping much better and has slept through the night for the past three nights!  He's working his way to two naps per day but had three today.  He really does better sleeping at night if he only has two naps.  But today he fell asleep in the car on the way home from T-town so he got a 3rd nap.  We'll see if he wakes up at 3am.
8 Month Monkey Picture
To see how much he has grown... this was his 2 month picture with the monkey.
Eating Pizza

His 1st Bath in the Big Tub (I chose a blurry picture for a reason... so he won't be embarrassed one day)

Getting some love (and a bottle) from Granna

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Greek Festival

We took Christian to the Greek Festival this weekend.  He seemed to really enjoy himself and the food!  He had his first bite of Greek chicken, rice and a roll.  He wasn't sure about it at first but then he got really excited about it.  He really enjoyed being inside and watching the kids dance.

Trying some chicken

This a terrible photo of me but you can see the kids dancing in the background.
John and I got some of the doughnut holes but since they were drizzled with honey, little man couldn't try those.  I know he would have loved them though!

Friends with babies similar in age... I am constantly worried about Christian's eating.  Constantly!  I'm scared that he's eating too much.  Is that possible?  On a typical day he eats a whole baby food container (4 oz) of oatmeal mixed with fruit for breakfast, he eats a whole container of a vegetable at lunch and usually 10-15 puffs after, he eats a 1/2 jar of fruit for snack with about 10-15 puffs and then he has another jar of food for dinner plus some yogurt or fruit for dessert AND 10-15 more puffs.  A lot of this is homemade pureed food that is a good bit thicker than store bought food.  He also has about 26-30 oz of formula.  Is that too much???


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