Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Greek Festival

We took Christian to the Greek Festival this weekend.  He seemed to really enjoy himself and the food!  He had his first bite of Greek chicken, rice and a roll.  He wasn't sure about it at first but then he got really excited about it.  He really enjoyed being inside and watching the kids dance.

Trying some chicken

This a terrible photo of me but you can see the kids dancing in the background.
John and I got some of the doughnut holes but since they were drizzled with honey, little man couldn't try those.  I know he would have loved them though!

Friends with babies similar in age... I am constantly worried about Christian's eating.  Constantly!  I'm scared that he's eating too much.  Is that possible?  On a typical day he eats a whole baby food container (4 oz) of oatmeal mixed with fruit for breakfast, he eats a whole container of a vegetable at lunch and usually 10-15 puffs after, he eats a 1/2 jar of fruit for snack with about 10-15 puffs and then he has another jar of food for dinner plus some yogurt or fruit for dessert AND 10-15 more puffs.  A lot of this is homemade pureed food that is a good bit thicker than store bought food.  He also has about 26-30 oz of formula.  Is that too much???



  1. M isn't doing as much bottle these days but is eating bite for bite on the baby food with C. She doesn't eat as many puffs but is increasing her Cheerio intake. I'm thinking we need to start adding snacks. Don't worry. If he weren't hungry, he wouldn't eat it. Love you!

  2. Stranger comment. :) I think his eating sounds fine! He wouldn't eat if he wasn't hungry. And his bottle intake may go down some now that he's eating more solids/table food, so don't be surprised by that. Some babies may only take in 16-20 oz of milk/formula once they start eating more solids.


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