Monday, October 15, 2012

The Snot is Back

How can I eloquently say this.... The snot is back! It arrived with a vengance this morning.  He can't breathe when he's taking his bottle and his poor nose is already raw. He had finally started sleeping through the night again but last night he woke up.  Poor little man!  I hope this illness doesn't last a month like the last one.

Aside from the illness, Christian is doing great.  He's into everything and wants to do/touch/investigate/ everything that he's not supposed to be doing/touching/investigating.

Making his getaway!
Not so sure about green beans.

Have you ever seen such a little monkey?
He's up to 23 lbs.  I asked his teacher at school if he seems to eat more than the other kids and she immediately answered yes.  Well that didn't alleviate any of my worries.  I appreciate all of the advice I got after my post where I opened up about my anxiety of over feeding him.  One important fact that I forgot to mention is that he doesn't stop eating.  He has never turned his head away from food.  He will literally eat until he throws up.  His daycare found this out the hard way.  Now they only give him what I send plus some cheerios.  The pediatrician is no help b/c she said that he'll stop when he's full... well he doesn't.  Maybe he's missing that sensation that tells him he has had enough. I just hope that I'm giving him what he needs without setting him up for issues in the future.  Does a mother's worry ever stop???  I already know the answer...

 We're upgrading him to a convertible car seat this week.  I just realized that ours maxes out at 22 lbs.  Uh oh!  I still can't believe how big he's getting!  I can't believe he's almost a toddler.  I'm excited for this new stage but so sad that he's not a baby anymore.


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