Monday, November 5, 2012


John and I went to Chattanooga this weekend to watch Tristan's tournament.  We had planned to take little man but the forecast called for rain on Sunday.  My very thoughtful parents offered to keep him from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.  That was the longest I have been away from sweet boy and I sure did miss him!  I think my mom got tired of me texting her and she finally told me to enjoy myself and let her handle it!  It's tough to turn off the mom gene!  We had a wonderful time though.  It was so nice to sleep all night without the fear of being awakened by crying baby.  We watched the nerve wracking Alabama game (Roll Tide!!) and then slept until 8am.  Ahhhh Heaven!  Chattanooga is beautiful this time year.  The leaves were changing in the mountains and it was quite romantic... with my husband sitting in the passenger seat playing video games! Haha!

Tristan did so well at the tourney!  There were a lot of college scouts there which was really exciting for her!  Her favorite school, Tennessee, was there and even contacted her coach today!  We don't know what he said about her yet but I'll let you know soon.  She's only a freshman so a lot can change over the next four years, but it's great to know that she has schools that are interested in her.  Out of about 100 teams her team made it to the finals, however, they lost that game.  But we are still very proud of her and her team!

I had to take Christian to the doctor Friday because he is still congested and snotty.  His right ear is still infected so he got another round of antibiotics.  Poor buddy.  Also, one of his top teeth finally broke through!  So the fact that my parents offered to watch him with all of that going on was pretty awesome!

Here's a picture my mom sent me while we were gone.  It doesn't seem like he's too upset to spend a weekend with his grandparents!  A big Thanks to them for taking such good care of our little man!


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