Saturday, November 24, 2012


This Thanksgiving Holiday we are thankful to God for all of our many blessings, but we are most thankful for Christian and Tristan!  We had a great time with my family on Thursday and Christian got to try a lot of tasty food.    He is such a good baby.  The only trouble he gave the whole day was puking on my Aunt Pam's rug...  And he can't help that.  His reflux is still in high gear.  Will he ever grow out of it?

Poor little man is sick again.  He has another cold and he got thrush.  Apparently the two rounds of antibiotics back to back caused him to get it.  So he has sores and white spots in his mouth.  So sad.  He is still as sweet and rambunctious as ever though.  He is all over the place!  He can crawl up both flights of stairs now and he is so pleased with himself when he makes it.  I crawl behind him and he pushes my hand away when I try to help him.  He also took four steps yesterday!  He is so much better at standing for long periods of time now so I guess that walking isn't too far away. 

His hair is out of control!  His bangs are down in his eyes and the top of his head forms into a natural mohawk.  It's a sight in the mornings.  John tells me I can't cut it until he's baptized in the Greek church which probably won't be until next summer!!!  What are we going to do with that hair??? 

First time at a restaurant!  He was so good!

Proud of himself for making it to the top of the stairs.

His squinty eye smile.  He does this a lot.

Look at that hair! We did not style it this way.  This is how it naturally grows!

This is his "I didn't do it" face.  So cute!
I weighed him yesterday and he's up to 25 lbs.  He's too long for his 18 month footed pajamas so he's now in 24 months.  The boy has been in one long, perpetual growth spurt since he was born!  I'm glad he's rolly polly though.  I love kissing those thighs!

Last weekend Tristan hit her first out-of-the-park homerun.  John took Christian to that game so they both got to see it!  Yay Tristan!

We hope you and your family had a great holiday weekend.



  1. He is so stinking cute! Can you pinch his cheeks for me tonight?

  2. I'm glad I got to see him/you. Hopefully he remembers me and learns to laugh :)
    Love you!


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