Sunday, December 9, 2012

10 Months Old

Christian is 10 months old!!  Where did my little baby go??  He's now a rambunctious, 26 lb bundle of energy! He wouldn't even take a second nap at school on his 10 month birthday because he was too busy having fun.  However, that meant he was super tired and fussy when we got home.  I had to take his monkey picture after he fell asleep.
Too tired to stay awake for his monthly monkey picture.
This weekend has been packed full of fun!  Yesterday we had our annual KPMG girls brunch.  Last year Emma was the only child there.  My how things have changed in just a year.  Here's a picture of us with our little babes. 
Lots of kiddos!
Rhonda was there but had to leave before the picture to tend to a sick baby.  And Rachel graciously took the picture.  If only Gloria could have flown in from San Francisco! (Hint.. Hint... Gloria)

Last night we dropped off little man with my parents and headed out to two parties!  We're social butterflies!  We went to a party with some of my friends for a couple of hours and then a party with some John's friends after.  We had a great time at both.  The first party even had a photo booth which was really fun. 

Christian had a great time with Granna and Pop but he didn't do as well with his sleeping this time.  Mom said he was up from 10:30-1:00am.  At least he slept until 8:45am so they got to sleep in a little.  I picked him up at around noon and then we went to Tristan's softball party at 2:00.  Lil man walks more than he crawls now so he was toddling all over the softball facility.  Most of the time he was trying to make a run for the food table! Haha! 


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