Sunday, December 30, 2012

Close Calls

I have had several close calls over the past few months.  During the most recent, only 5 seconds stood between me and catastrophe.   It involved a vehicle that was driving along in front of me in the left lane.  He swerved off into the median, over-corrected and then swerved across three lanes of traffic and onto the right shoulder, over-corrected again and swerved back across all three lanes.  He ended up spinning a couple of times and was facing me in the left lane.  This was a major interstate and somehow, by the Grace of God, he didn't hit a single person during all of that.  I assume he was a "he" because he just turned his car around and drove off.  A woman would have needed a moment to compose herself.

I believe God gives us these "signs" to remind us how much we have to lose. If I had been 3-5 seconds earlier, he would have slammed into me.  It's so easy to get caught up in work, cleaning, cooking and all of the other day to day activities that you don't cherish the small moments.  The past few weeks I have made an effort to really be in the moment with little man.  Although I'm starting to lose my mind with all of the clutter, I think Christian has appreciated more one on one time. I'm also mortified that our neighbor sees our house in its current state when she comes over to walk Lexi every day.  BUT -When I'm old and grey, I won't look back and wish that I had cleaned my house more.  I will wish that I had spent more time with my family and friends.

We took lil man to the ENT on Friday and the doctor said his ears still look terrible.  He is set for tubes on 1/8/13.  In the mean time, they're not giving him more antibiotics so he's just having to "tough it out."  Poor sweet boy.  And poor mom and dad.  He was up from midnight until 2:30 last night...


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